Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Day

I am Done! Spent a week doing Urban Ops, sleeping on cement in the freezing effing cold, getting woken up by artillery explosions, and missing my family. And yet, a lot of the time, It was still really, really fun. Then this morning (Saturday, ahem), we geared up bright and early and headed out (in rain followed by sleet followed by snow) for our Culminating Event. And it was awesome.

I "killed" the "suicide bomber." And I "survived" the whole ex. I rock.

We are soclose to the end now. There's still a lot of time, but no more sleeping in holes in the woods, and possibly a whole lot less screwing around with us. We'll see about that second part.

I am in such a good mood. The snow is awesome. I made a snow angel outside the armory. But don't worry, I drew in an M16, so it was still very Marine-like ;-). Now I'm just waiting on the hubs and Punky so we can go out (very carefully - people in VA can NOT drive in the snow) and celebrate MacGyver's birthday.

That's right. My beloved is another year older. Not that he looks it - a fact that amuses the heck out of him. His birthday was actually yesterday, though we didn't get much celebrating in. We didn't get done from the week's training until around 8 pm. But his present did come in the mail that morning, and - even though I told him not to before I left(!) - he opened it as soon as he saw the box. He just had to try on his new Heelys.

I got Heelys for Mother's Day two years ago, and he has totally envied them ever since. Well, I finally managed to get a pair in his size, and he loves them. Joy! There's something else I've been trying to get him for a couple weeks. I'm going to try again, if possible, this weekend.

Either way, today is a good day. Except that I now have to come in to work tomorrow too (bye bye weekend). But nevertheless, I am going to enjoy today.

And I can catch up on blogs now!

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