Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Have You Been?

      Just when you think things might calm down . . .  Ha.  Actually, things have calmed down, and that's part of the problem.  At least, it's a problem for this here blog.  I'm getting boatloads of stuff done at work and am much less frusterated than I have been for a while, so I'm all tied up in my real life and it's completely distracting me from my online meddlings.  ;-)

      But I do so miss you all!

      Our anniversary weekend was awesome.  We did some touristy stuff with Boo Satruday.  Flintstone had a blast playing in this fountain.
Up water, Up!

     Have I mentioned yet that Flintstone is walking?  I think I have, but it continues to amaze me.  During his 8th month he was able to take a few steps at a time, but he didn't really care to.  Then, on our Michigan trip when he was 10 1/2 months he walked accross the room one of the first days we were there, and he hasn't stopped walking since.  It is amazing and freaking adorable.  Especially when you say "I'm gonna get you!"  And he takes off running.

      The kid is into everything these days.  And he's climbing.  And he makes an angry face now when we tell him he can't have something.  It's the cutest angry face ever, and I have trouble not laughing when he does it.

      Anyway, we had a fun day out Saturday, then Saturday night, MacGyver and I went to an amazing wine tasting.  I can't even count how many different wines we tried.  The selection was huge.  And some of the cheese pairings were amazing.  We also got a big tappas plate that included the best bruchetta I think I've ever had.  I had the owner hide MacGyver's gift in among the tappas:
      MacGyver has wanted this ring for a long time.  It is so perfectly him.  He hasn't stopped playing with it since the moment he found it under the crackers.

      It was so nice to be out and just talk about random fun things.  For instance MacGyver's new fanasy of opening up an ethical winery/bakery and calling it Cheap Wine and Cookies.  How cute is that?

      We followed up our hours at the winery with an amazing Thai dinner.

      And I almost forgot to mention walking the Labrinth!  In the morning, we went to our UU church to walk the meditation labyrinth put together by the Pagans and the Buddhists in our congregation.  It was a beautiful and meditative experience.  Flintstone slept in my arms the whole time.  There's an adorable picture of it, but of course I can't find it right now!

      There was so much more that went on this weekend.  MacGyver and I played games, hiding little gifts for each other all over the house and whatnot.  I can't remember it all.  We'll just say it was a really good weekend.  And now, I'm back and work and on duty again (read: 33 hour shift AND I have court tomorrow).  Erg.  But things are great, and I really have nothing to complain about.  Hope you're all having a lovely week.

      Also, I just found out that today is Snarky Paralegal's birthday!  That little sneak.  She tried to get away with not telling anybody.  Well!  I'll show her.  ;-)

      Finally, I'll leave you with a couple of new videos I just recently found from our wedding day:

The whole day before our wedding it was bright, sunny, and downright PERFECT out.  Then, right as I was getting ready to walk out for the ceremony, it started to rain.  Hard:

That comment from Boo at the end is "The beer's ok, right?!?"

This isn't exactly what I had pictured as my grand entrance as the bride at my wedding, nor is it what we had rehearsed the day before:

Two of my mom's best friends are teachers.  It is one of them who made me spit out my gum at the end of this one.  :-D

Happy Wednesday All!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Chocolate Elf seems to have visited my office.
Let the Anniversary Weekend begin!
Almost Done
I haven't been posting this week, anniversary related or otherwise, because I have been unbelievably busy. Up at 0400 every morning to get out to the Range, firing for hours, rush home to shower and change (because it's been around 100 most days with 652% humidity), then back to work to conduct the longest Article 32 hearing ever. I've been at work well past 7pm the last two nights, and might be again tonight.
This morning, we're firing Table 2, which is supposed to simulate combat shooting, though it's admittedly slower paced and the target, while they move, do not shoot back. Speed drills and speed reload drills. I enjoy this part - except the insane wind from hurricane Irene! We were ALMOST evacuated a couple days ago, so glad that didn't happen, but the wind sucks for shooting.
But once it's done, this whole week is DONE - the Range, the 32, the 0400 mornings. Then on to Anniversary fun!
MacGyver's been awesome-surprises and stuff, too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


      Today, MacGyver and I have been married for three years.  Last year, I pondered the reasons why it feels like we've been married so much longer than that, and yet feels like we just got married yesterday.  That feeling still holds true.

      I will probably do a big, mushy, or at least thoughtful, anniversary post at some point this week, but it won't be today.  I just got back from the range and I have to conduct an Article 32 hearing in a couple hours which is likely to go late.  We're not really doing much for the anniversary today.

      Or, at least, that was my understanding.  Of course, MacGvyer simply can't resist an opportunity for romantic surprises

      This morning, I dragged my poor, tired body out of bed at 0400 again, got ready, and was out the door, headed to the Armory to pick up my weapon by 0450.  Picked up my M16, then drove over to the range to stand around in the dark waiting for range personnel to figure out what they were doing.

      I was standing by my car, putting on my cartridge belt when a vehicle drove up behind me.

      "Surprise," someone said quietly.

      At first, I didn't even realize the person was talking to me.  Then it sort of dawned on my just how close the voice was, and the fact that this truck had not parked, but was stopped right behind me.  I turned around to find MacGyver grinning at me, which a bag of dark chocolate pecan cookies and a card.

      Seriously, he is the sweetest husband ever.

      So now, I'm gathering up everything for the 32 and heading home to change.  MacGvyer is at a PTO meeting that started really late, so I won't be able to see him.

      So he says . . .

       That's the thing being married to a master romance trickster, on days like today, you're always off gaurd.  Either I'll go home and change and not get to see him until late tonight, or I'll be walking into some big surprise.

      We'll see . . .

       I have to decide whether to give him his gift (which I'm really excited about) today or this weekend when we go out . . .

      Lastly, and this is important:
If you are the person who has been typing weird "ex" related search terms into the search box on the right, PLEASE let me know who you are.  Search terms like "ex," "ex boyfriend," "evil ex," and so on.  I find these searches really, really disturbing and if you know much about my past you'll know that I am serious in being nervous about my ex.  So please put my mind at ease and let me know if you're the person searching those terms.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The One: Q&A

Do you have a good Love/Marriage/Relationship meme tucked away somewhere?  Please send it to me!  I freaking love memes, and it's been too long since I've done any.  In honor of the impedning anniversary, I give you the "The One" meme:
What do you call your spouse?
MacGyver, Honey, a couple other horrifyingly cutesy things that there is no way in Hell I’m putting on the internet.
What first attracted you to them?
Um, he’s hot.  There was no one particular characteristic.  MacGyver is just all around, overall good looking. 
How did you know he was the one?
He is the only guy to have ever beat me at my own games.  It sounds silly, but really – I couldn’t just walk away.  And after we spent some time apart then got back together, it just fit.
What’s something you learned about him after you were married that surprised you?
I left this one till last because I didn't have an answer, and I still don't.  I know things about him surprised me when we got married, but I really can't think of any of them.  I suppose I can honestly say I was surprised that he stayed just as romantic as he was when we were dating - little surprises, notes, gestures, etc.  He still cleans my car for me every time he uses it.
What do you argue about the most?
Hmmm . . . It’s hard to say.  I’m not one of those “we never fight” wives, but for the most part our arguments lead to growth and resolution.  I guess maybe conflicts with time are probably at the root of a lot of our stress.
What quality in him do you admire most?
It is so hard to pick just one.  He’s so smart, considerate, and ingenuitive (which I deem to be a real word because it is one of my favorite MacGvyer descriptors).  He’s an amazing father – caring, utterly devoted, yet firm.  But I suppose if I had to pick one thing, I’d have to say his ability to do things without any concern for embarrassment.  MacGvyer could give a rip less what anyone thinks of him or us.  He lives his life without a moment’s hesitation to worry about what other people might think.
Sometimes, it makes my skin crawl because, in my job, I have to pay attention to what other people think.  Sometimes it stresses me out.  But really, that’s all on me and I sort of envy MacGvyer’s ability there.
What is the hardest part about being married?
All of it and none of it.  I don’t know.  In the beginning, I had a very hard time adjusting.  I had lived by myself for a long time and literally went from living carefree and alone to being a family overnight.  I went from coming home to a quiet, relaxed place that was ALL MINE, to coming home to chaos and the needs of others.  It was rough.  It’s still rough sometimes now when I run 5 miles and work out at 6 am then spend all day battling work that comes in faster than I could ever process it, and I get home and want nothing more than to sit in silence with tea and a book and maybe a dog, but what I get is excited chatter, and barking, and people pawing at my boobs (take that however you want, ha), and I have to make dinner, and there’s homework, and everything else.  Sometimes it feels like too much and I longingly remember my quiet, clean, all mine apartment.  But it really only takes a millisecond to recognize that I love and need every single piece of that chaos I come home to.
What’s the best part about being married?
That’s even harder than the last question!  It’s all the best.  My roommate is my best friend.  And I can have s*x with him pretty much whenever either of us wants!  (Yeah, I know you don’t want to hear it, but I’m being honest – that’s a big perk!).  And we get to build this awesome life together.  And I always have a partner for my adventures who knows me even better than I know me!

Who said I love you first?
MacGyver did.  We had both been being super stubborn and holding out.  Neither of us was going to go first.  Finally, we were out at a bar I loved; my ex was literally crying over me in the corner, and MacGvyer and I were dancing to Prince and he said, “You win.  I love you.”
I always win ;-)

Who drives most when you are together?
It depends on who’s vehicle we’re in and where we’re going.  I still have some low grade PTSD from an accident we were in before we got married and I hate driving with other people in the car if I have to go over 45 mph.  I CAN do it, and I have many times like on long trips when MacGyver needed a break, but I really, really hate it.
Who pays the bills?
For a long time, it’s been MacGyver, but lately we’ve been rotating.
Who is the first to admit they are wrong?
Um, obviously that depends on who was wrong.

Who wears the pants?
I don’t like this question.  For starters, THIS (if you haven’t read my rant about people’s perceptions of MacGvyer and me since I work and he’s in school, you totally should.  Go now.  I mean it.).
Anyway, Um in our relationship there are no pants.  That’s what she said.  Or we share them.  We like to get into each other’s pants.  MAN my mind is in the gutter today.  We are two responsible adults.  We discuss things with each other.  We make decisions together.  Seriously.

What do you like to do together?
*ahem*  *cough*  Practicing great restraint here.  Umm . . .  We love family outings – amusement parks, parks, the beach, hiking.  We love just hanging out and talking to each other.  We love to travel and discover new things together.  We sit together, either at home or at book stores, and read books and magazines and discuss the interesting things we find out.
Wine Tastings.

How did you meet?
We worked together at Applebee’s while we were both going to Purdue.

Who asked whom out first?
He asked me, by way of my car.  It’s a really cute story.
Who kissed first?
He kissed me.  Details of that can also be found in aforementioned cute story.

Who proposed?
He did.

He's sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen?
MacGyver is rarely sitting in front of the TV – especially by himself.  If he’s in front of the TV, we’re either watching a family movie or he and I are watching something together.  He will occasionally watch a documentary about something tech/engineering related or alternative fuels.  He loves to try to make me watch horror movies.  When he gets to pick shows for us to watch together, lately he’s been into Weeds.

You go out to the bar, what does he order?
Blue Moon or Shock Top on tap, Rum and coke, or Electric Lemonade

If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
Tools and projects!  He is always building or designing something.  We cannot throw away anything that breaks, and we have a large stockpile of things “to be improved upon.”  Sometimes it drives me nuts,  (Seriously, can’t I please just go buy a shoe rack), but the stuff he makes is super awesome, so it’s totally worth it.

What would this person eat every day if he could?
MacGyver hates eating the same thing repeatedly.  It could be his favorite thing in the world (like humane, grass fed BBQ ribs or pulled pork), but if he ate it the day before – or sometimes even the week before – he doesn’t want it.  Let me tell you it can make putting together the weekly meal plan something of a chore.  I have to be very creative with leftovers.  And if I’m planning to take him out for a special dinner, I have to be super careful about what I “let” him eat the few days before.  It sounds annoying, but it’s just part of what makes him him and just thinking about it makes me smile.

What is his favorite cereal?
I don’t think he’d call it his “favorite,” but he always needs to have a box of Grape Nuts in the house.  ICK!  It’s like eating cardboard rocks.  I don’t get it.  I also think it has a stupid name.  But we always have a box in the house.

What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
“Everything,” as in I try to do everything myself.  It never occurs to me to ask for help, and it annoys the pants off MacGyver.

Who does the laundry?
We both do it, but he does it more.  Except the diapers.  I’m usually the one to wash the diapers.  And we fold everything together most of the time.  I hate folding.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
We don’t really have sides of the bed.  It all depends on what is on a given side of the bed.  If we stay in a hotel or something, I sleep in the side closest to Flintstone and the bathroom.  And I really, really don’t have a side of the bed.  If MacGyver isn’t in the bed, I end up in the dead middle.  Hell, I do that even when he IS in the bed ;-)
* * *
I don't tag people in memes, but if you want to join in, I love reading them!  Drop a comment and let me know if you join in the fun!

A Cluttered Mind

 . . . is a sign of genius, right?  Or is it a cluttered desk? 

. . .

Either way, I've got both!

Here are some of the random thoughts floating around my brain today in the midst of a flood of work/family/anniversary/range/life stuff:

Have you been over to Brittany Ann's blog, Living in the Moment?  It's awesome.  She's pretty busy lately what with the adorable new little girl in her life, but she doesn't fail to post true-life, always entertaining blogs.  She recently posted one in particular that I'd like to draw your attention to.  I ramble on about Ethical Eating a lot, but I've done precious few posts about making Ethical Eating work in a real world family situation.  And now I have an excuse to put it off a little longer because Brittany has done an awesome one!
Check it out:  It's Organic - on a budget.

Did you know that I'm on Pinterest now?  Yes, I am a social media whore.  Check me out!  Add me!  I always follow back!  See the button over there on the right?  Click it!  It's fun!

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I've become the shallow kind of blogger who mostly only reads the blogs of those who comment on mine.  Why?  I like building the relationships that come from mutual commenting.  If you feel I haven't commented on your blog enough lately, feel free to let me know!  But be willing to comment here once in a while.

I don't comment every day.  I don't have time.  But if you comment here sometimes, I'll make a point to read your blog and comment when I can.

I still haven't finalized anniversary plans . . .  woops.

BUT MacGyver's gift should be arriving in the mail any day now.  Super excited.


If you have something you want to say to me, just come on out and say it.  I'm a big girl, I can take it.  Otherwise, leave me the hell alone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Countdown to 3

      August 23rd, one week from yesterday, is MacGyver and my 3 year wedding anniversary.  My intention had been to do a whole week of "MacGyver and Me" or relationship related posts.  The only problem with this plan is that I'm on Grass Week for the Range AGAIN, so I may not have much time to post at all.

      Nevertheless, I'm excited about our anniversary.  I doubt we'll do much on the actual day of, since it falls on a Teusday - a Teusday on which I am on the range AND conducting and Article 32 hearing in the afternoon.  So I'm going to be BEAT at the end of that day.  I'm not sure what we're doing that weekend, but I know it will be something good - especially since we have Boo staying with us, so we don't have to worry about leaving the kidders!  I'm pretty sure whatever it is, it will involve wine.

      The "traditional" 3rd anniversary gift is leather.  If you haven't picked it up yet from my Ethical Eating posts, I'm not a huge fan of leather.  (I miss it, though.  I used to love leather, and let me tell you I can really pull off some leather pants).  But I am confident that MacGvyer will be pleased with his gift - so long as it fits.  They don't make them in exactly his size . . .

      Today, the anniversary still feels worlds away.  Like I said, we don't even know exactly what we're doing that weekend.  So I think I'll kick off this "Anniversary Countdown" with a little stroll down memory lane:

      MacGyver and I both waited tables while attending Purdue.  That's where we met.  It was somewhere around 2003/04 (you'd think I'd remember exactly, but honestly I'd have to check my old diaries).  We were a couple for a little while then we were just *ahem* good friends *ahem* for a year or so . . .  You can find more details, including the first kiss, here.

      We lost touch for a while when I moved away for Law School, but started talking again in '06.  Talking quickly turned into planning, which led to visiting, and before we knew it, we were in a whirlwind long-distance relationship.  (More details)

      We moved in together in Brooklyn the summer of 2007.

      He proposed 7 months later, March of '08.

      We got married in a torrential downpour 5 months after he proposed, on August 23rd 2008.

It had been sunny all day.

Until the moment the Ceremony was supposed to start.

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.
We must be pretty danged lucky.

They say a wet knot is harder to untie.

"I am NOT coming out there."

      That first year, the whirlwind really began:  I took the NY Bar exam.  I went on Active Duty.  We moved to VA.  I worked as in Civil Law then in Trial (as a prosecutor).  We bought a house.  I started TBS.  LOTS of stuff. 

      For our First Anniversary, I we went to a wine tasting and I wrote him a poem. Gag.  And I couldn't resist putting the dress back on.

      Year two was just as crazy, if not more so.  TBS was just an aweful hell debacle, but I finished.  Got promoted to Captain (in the field, moto).  Was taken on a Surprise tripI got pregnant, and we moved 3 times.

      On our Second Anniversary I waxed poetic about deeply knowing another person.  Gag.  And our midwife dropped off the birth pool.  I was full term.
      This year, we haven't moved a single time.  Punky, who attended three 1st grades in one year and 2 second grades the next, didn't have to change schools a single time this year.  However, life was completely different.

      MacGyer is still the best husband ever.  He still surprises me often with wonderful romantic gestures.  We're even more in love than we were years ago.  If you're really intersted in the romantic progression of our life over the last few years, I suggest clicking here.

      Be ready for all sorts of gag worthy moments in the week to come.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Is it just me, or have I been writing more negative posts lately?

Maybe it is just me.

I certainly haven't been any more negative in my everyday life.

Actually, considering all the crap that's been going on (nothing too out of the ordinary, really, just the same old crud), I think I am pretty dang good at being laid back and happy.

But somehow I recently let myself get sucked into some drama.

I HATE drama.

Hate it.

I avoid it - as much as is possible in my life.

But sometimes it's like a train wreck. 

And you just have to look.

But, if you're like me, you regret it as soon as you do.  I got sucked into some drama that really had nothing to do with me.  The most it had to do with me was that it was offensive to someone I care about, but I don't think that person even knows about it and I KNOW that person wouldn't care a lick if they did.

Still, I was sucked in and somehow let myself care about something stupid and pointless that had nothing to do with me and wasn't even current.

For eff's sake.

I'm better than that.

I feel like I'm in 6th grade.


But it's over now, and I'm done with it.

Maybe I need a little dose of stupid ass 6th grade drama here and there to remind me of why I DON'T get involved in this stuff and why I don't care.

I hate drama.  And I hate admitting that I gave in to it.

But admitting it is the first step to recovery, right?

I expect most of my upcoming posts (except one *ahem* BioB *ahem* *cough*) to be fairly free of drama.

When was the last time you got sucked into some stupid drama you wished you never knew about?  What was it?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Wrong with Boo Now? Visiting!

      If you aren't familiar with the cavalcade of calamity that follows my brother around, you should really check out this post, and maybe this one for good measure.  Go ahead, click over.  I'll wait . . . . . . . . ..

      I've been pretty bad about keeping up on this particular feature lately, but that is certainly not for lack of material.  Actually, if I posted every episode, I'd have to rename the blog.  Since we last checked in on my karmicly challenged brother, he has been fired (for something that seriously was not his fault - psycho boss; I know this person personally, and I can attest to the psycho-ness), evicted, almost blew up his house and killed his landlord and her husband (accidentally), had major dental problems, been through a break up, and been bitten in the face by a dog.  And that's just the stuff I can remember off the top of my head.

   Today, though, is a little different for dear Boo.  Today, very little is wrong with him.  He ate a healthy, sit-down dinner last night, he played board games, and he laughed a lot, and he went to bed at a reasonable hour (for a Saturday night).

       Because Boo is staying with us!  For a whole month!  We're paying him enough to get the dental work he needs done, and he's mannying for Flintstone and Punky until we all head back to MI for my 10 year high school reunion.

      It's only been a couple of days, but so far it's been awesome.  Flintstone and Punky are getting tons of extra attention; MacGyver and I have time to catch up on some housework and projects, there are no child care worries, and it's just all around fun.

      Today the plan is to have a picnic on the beach and do some school shopping for Punky.  Tangent - I am so SICK of how little money we put toward education in this country.  Can someone please tell me how the HELL it is ok that we are expected to supply not only schools supplies (which makes sense), but also cleaning supplies (???) to the school?  For instance, Clorox wipes.  I don't let Punky handle cleaning supplies containing those sorts of chemicals at home, why the eff would I send her to school with them?  And WTF is up with the brand endorsement?  I WILL be sending her with 7th Generation wipes or something similar (after I check on possible allergens - Punky has some very allergic kids in her school).  I mean, I do understand.  We live in a very poor school district - close to 50% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch (but it's also one of the best schools in the area - contrary to popular, classist, unfounded belief poor schools can still provide excellent educations), so I understand that they need the supplies.  THAT is not my gripe.  I'm pissed that we dump so much tax money into other worthless crap that it becomes necessary for the schools to ask for this stuff.  It's such a sad indictment of our culture and our political system, and it's super frustrating.  ***End Tangent***

      This next month should be super interesting with Boo visiting (and MacGyver and my anniversary AND my high school reunion AND I have to go to the damn rifle range again because they lost my EFFING score card).  Especially since, for the first time in years, there is very little wrong with Boo.

       Unless you ask him, of course.

      Because he's from MI.

      And we live in the South.

      And, in his words, repeated at least 14 times a day, "It's sooooooooooooooooo hot."

      It was the first thing he said on the phone when he got off the plane.  It was the first thing he said when I called him to tell him where to meet us outside the airport.  He complained about it to approximately 30 people AT the airport.  It was the first thing he said when he got in the truck with us. It was the first thing he said when we got out of the truck.

      But I think he's finally starting to get used to it.

     He's only said it twice today.

      Of course, we haven't left for the beach yet . . .

      Happy Weekend All!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maybe Miscarriage

I have a stRong suspicion that I am having a miscarriage. It would only have been a chemical pregnancy; I'm not even sure if that really even "counts" as a miscarriage. I was only a week late, but I felt exactly like I did right before I found out I was pregnant with Flintstone and this is an extremely heavy period.
Really, I shouldn't be upset because I have an IUD specifically to prevent pregnancy. And I should be relieved because we've decided it will be best to wait until after my jaw surgery to try for another. But, secretly, I really got my hopes up during that week. I can't get the jaw surgery over fast enough. I'm so anxious for more.
I didn't test. I really don't want to know.
At least I can take heart in the fact that since I had my braces adjusted on Monday, my teeth have straightened out A LOT. So maybe the surgery will be sooner rather than later.
I'm sick of being a responsible adult. Why can't I just get drunk and get knocked up in the back seat of a car like all those girls I went to high school with?
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Summer's MI Recap

      Because I promised a cheerful post to make up for my bitch-fest this morning.

      The MI trip was - as always - amazing.

      After the first marathon driving session (during which I filmed my first ever VLOG that no one commented on because it was boring as hell and completely pointless *pout*), we stopped at a waterpark hotel in Indiana for one last blast before dropping Punky off at the bad place.  Great fun was had by all.

 Punky wasted no time at all making a new boyfriend.  Cripes I am screwed when this kid gets a little older.  The child has been picking up boys left and right since she was 6.

All that fun can be exhausting!  After I took this picture, I sat down in the chair next to them, and I passed out, too  for about 40 minutes.  (Yes, it's a disposable diaper.  The cloth ones are a pain on the road.  We switched right back to cloth when we got to MI, though, because the chemical monstrosities gave Flintstone diaper rash.)

      We dropped Punky off (which will get it's own post - like I said, this post is supposed to be a cheerful one), and continued on to MI.  The first couple days were a little rough becasue Flintstone decided to sprout four new teeth the moment we arrived so we just laid low and relaxed a lot.  After those teefies popped through, though, everything was perfect.
Recovering from the trip.

 There was a LOT of swimming in the crick.  Flintstone LOVED it.  He does the most adorable little baby swim the second he gets in the water.  I really need to post a video.  As soon as he's in the water, he paddles with his arms and kicks his legs like mad.  MacGyver calls it the Polywog.  It is super adorable and he love, love, loves doing it.  Little FishBaby. 

Flintstone's favorite toy the whole trip was my mom's yellow colander.  He had no end of fun chewing on it, dragging it around the house, and, best of all, putting it on his head (and mine)!

 Sirius also loved the crick.  She looked like a beaver swimming around in the crystal clear water (even though it doesn't look that way in this picture).  And it was highly comical when she'd get caught in the current.

 Flintstone loved his uncle Boo so much that Uncle Boo is going to come stay with us for a while and take care of him!
 There was much imbibing of beer and wine.  MacGyver even built a beer "cooler" in the crick out of rocks.

 These beautiful damselflies were everywhere down by the crick.  I wish there had been a way to capture it, but even video wouldn't do justice to the beauty of it.  The sound of the water gurgling over the rocks; bright green leaves of the thick foliage overhanging the water, creating dancing patches of light and shadow; and all over among the leaves these beautiful, shiny creatures, jeweled shades of blue, turqoise, green, and olive fluttered around on velvety black wings.  It was perfect.  And MacGvyer and I did manage to slip away one day and take full advantage of the romance of it all . . .

 We also went to visit my dad who has moved a couple hours away from my mom.  We played horse shoes and a whole lot of Outburst, and let me tell you, the version of Outburst from 1988 is a heck of a lot harder! 

      Another big development on this trip:  Flinstone started walking!  Now, he's been able to take a few steps here and there for a couple of months now, but we all know that's not really walking, and I really thought he was going to wait a while before he started really toddling because he seemed so content to just crawl, but after only a day or two at Nan's house, the kid was off like a shot, walking everywhere.  Probably because there was so much new fun and exciting things to get into and do.  Like eating the dirt out of the potted plants.

      He is my big walking man.  Who I've recently started calling MonChiChi, for whatever reason.

      I expect to do one or two more posts about the trip - about Punky's adventures and so on, but for now, that's it.  Back to the grind - and let me tell you, an amazing trip home like that makes the day to day crap here seem a whole lot less pleasant.  I am very seriously looking at the "next step" right now.


      I have refrained from saying this for a long time because I KNOW it will offend someone.  But I am not having the best morning in the world and I just found out that we lost one of our Marines because he slept with another Marine's wife - and we were already incredibly short staffed. 

     We all know that I detest adulterers. It's gross, dirty, narcissistic, and deceitful - and that's just the beginning.  And I will seriously never understand why anyone would ever enter into a relationship with someone they know is an adulterer.

     What I haven't said is this:

      If you are a servicemember and you sleep with the spouse of another servicemember, you are SCUM.  I could care less whether you know the other servicemember or not.  I don't care if you've never even laid eyes on them.  I don't care if the spouse is a giant wh*** (male or female).  I don't care if the spouse claims the marriage is over or they hate the other service member or the marriage was a mistake or any other freaking excuse.  You DON'T betray a fellow servicemember like that.  You. Just. DON'T.

      And the same goes for military spouses.  I have seen WAY too many spouses eff over excellent servicemembers by being self-centered, self-pitying wh****s.  Being a military spouse is hard.  A lot of the time, it downright sucks.  And you know what?  I don't give a damn.  That is NO excuse.  You don't like it, get out.  Don't go screwing other servicemembers.  It's sick, and it's inexcusable.  If it is that hard for you to refrain from having sex with other people, you are completely trashy and that's all there is to it.  You are also, you should know, a complete joke within the ranks.  The second any servicemember knows what you did, we know exactly what to think of you.

      If you're offended, so be it.  And if by some freak occurance you are that Marine that our shop just lost because you couldn't keep it in your pants or respect your fellow Marine enough to keep it away from that Marine's spouse, you're a jackass.  To say the least.

* * * End Rant. * * *

      And I'm a little sad.  I know I was off the map for a couple weeks and didn't really post anything, but I put up a post Sunday and haven't gotten a single comment on it.  Have I really finally driven everyone away?

      I promise today I'll put up a more cheerful post.  I just needed to get that vent out of the way so I could start my day off right.  ;-)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

V is ofr Vacation VLOG

      We got back from our wonderful, awesome, fun, and relaxing trip to Michigan at around 5 this morning.  And let me tell you, the last 20 miles was a s t r e t c h.  But we're home and settled in now.  Flintstone even let me sleep until 8:30 this morning.  ;-)

      I have mountains of stuff I want to post (as always), but I also have a house full of baggage that needs to be unpacked and some major decompressing to do.  So in lieu of a real post, here is my first ever Cheap Wine and Cookies VLOG.  I have to admit I was seriously considering not posting it.  I look like hell and it's boring as all get out.  Honestly, I'm not a big fan of VLOGs.  But what the hell.  It's not like I'm trying to impress people with my blog, and those of you who like to pick apart my every move will pick and pick no matter what I post, so here you go:

And if, by some miracle of attention span, you made it through that one without glazing over and passing out, I'll throw this little bonus piece in.  This is why one should not do VLOGs - or any kind of video, really - with uninvited "guests" present:

(By the way, I didn't really do anything illegal.  And even if I did, there is absolutely no way to prove it in court ;-))

I'm looking forward to being back on a regular blogging schedule soon, not to mention catching up on what everyone else has been up to.  There's no way in heck I'm going to have time to go back and read everyone's blogs covering the last two weeks, so if you've posted anything particularly exciting or entertaining while I've been away, please drop it in the comments so I can check it out.  It's an invitation to free self promotion!

And if you're looking for something new to read, check out the posts people recommend in the comments!


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