Monday, March 1, 2010

Henry the Wh*re

For the last few weeks, MacGyver and I have been watching The Tudors at night after we put Punky to bed, before we turn in (starting with season 1, which we just finished). I like the show. I’ve always been a fan of historical drama. I love putting human stories (even over-dramatized ones) over the historical facts that have always interested me so much anyway.  MacGyver and I have some fun back-and-forths about what we think of the various characters and their actions.  It's really fun to watch together.

But I’m worried that watching it is having some negative effects on me. Namely, it’s making me really vicious and judgmental. We all know that I have a special place of disgust in my heart reserved for cheaters. BUT I also know better than to constantly rail on about it because I will end up offending people that I don’t actually mean to offend. Because I will come off as some sort of bitter old harpie (did I mention that the only time – that I know of – that I’ve ever been “cheated” on I was a sophomore in HS? I have suspicions about the Evil Ex when I was in my 20s, but the fact that he was trying to kill me sort of overshadowed any other activities on his part). So I need to stop with the ridiculous anti-adultery rants.

But that’s not so easy. Because King Henry VIII was a wh*&^. Because we watch this show every night and debate all sorts of the goings on in the show, but the one thing MacGyver and I agree on is that Henry VIII was a disgusting sl*&. Oh, and that Brandon guy, who was actually screwing some other chick while his wife died. I really hate that guy.

But I’m not going to rant. Because it’s pointless. MacGyver would never cheat. I would never cheat. And, ultimately, that is all that matters. We take our vows seriously, even if other people choose to cheapen and devalue their own.

Oops – almost slipped there ;-)

But I still love The Tudors, even if it gets me a little riled up and judge-y.  So I won't stop watching it (I probably couldn't if I tried).  But I will try to stop ranting.

And you know what else I caught myself watching the other day at lunch (much, much to my chagrin)? Wife Swap. Talk about a show that’ll make you judge-y. I hate that show, but I totally got sucked in the other day while I was working on some documents in my Q room.  But I’m pretty sure that was a one day thing.  Because reality TV makes me feel dirty.  Lol.

I should just go back to watching Xena reruns.  Those have never done me wrong.  I friggin love Xena.

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