Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remember Spring Break?

     I am such a slacker blogger.  At least I can take comfort in the fact that my slacking is a direct result of increases in work, family time, and even a little bit of leisure reading.

      Plus, I think waiting until it's almost May to post our Spring Vacation pictures makes them stand out more.  Yeah.  That's it...

The drive to Michigan is a LONG one, and times like this are the most enjoyable parts.

I don't know why I can't get this picture to stay rotated the right way.  I would delete it, but it's one of only a couple that I'm actually in - even if my hair did look horrible since we had gone out hardcore the night before.
Find egg; open egg; remove candy; throw egg back on ground.  Repeat.
       I have two of the most truely beautiful children on the planet, and Flinstone just excudes cute all over the place all the time.  As such, I am on a constant mission to try to capture that on film.  Sadly, it is a mission I usually feel as though I fail at.  This has to do, largely, with how very many very skilled photographers I am friends with - including my old roommate who I've been trying to wrangle into doing some photos to us forever.  Sadly, her job working for rock star Amanda Palmer has so far interfered with that.

       I was determined to get some great pictures of Flinstone's first Easter egg hunt.  I did not count on Flintstone not being the slightest bit interested in hunting for eggs.  Even after watching Punky hunt eggs, after being lead straight to some eggs, AND after being shown that the eggs contain candy, still all he wanted to do was to run in the grass and try to hurl himself into the creek.

      Still, I at least got some pictures to make it look like he participated in the egg hunt.

       We spent some time visiting family.  My youngest cousin had her first baby the day we got to Michigan, so we spent some time visiting the baby, my aunt and uncle, my grandma, and the children of some of my other cousins.  Punky loves her cousins (or once removed, 2nd cousins, or whatever.  Cousins).
Cousins, or more accurately, the children of cousins - my kids and the kids of three of my cousins.

This is seriously the best picture we could manage of the kids with their Great-Grandma, my grandma.
       We also went to the zoo.  The kids loved it.  Flintstone was thrilled beyond belief.  Sadly, I don't think we'll be going back because McGyver and I found the conditions of the animals for the most part deplorable.

      Flintstone especially loved the fish.  There was a fish pond near the entrance that I think he could have spent the whole day at.  We had to stop back at the fish pond on the way out, and he laid to watch the fish and signed to us that he wanted to take a nap there.  So sweet.  We are currently working on putting an aquarium in his room.  Kid totally takes after his dad in his love of fish.

       He may not have been into the egg hunt, but he was totally into his first chocolate bunny:

    Happy Belated Spring, All!

      If you want to see more pictures from our trip, please check them out on the Facebook page.  And if you haven't "Liked" Cheap Wine and Cookies on Facebook or friended me, Colleen Timothy, please do!  Especially with my drop in blogging, I would love to stay in touch with all my bloggy buddies on Facebook!


Katherine said...

At least you have pictures of your kids hunting for eggs. I couldn't even manage that.

I think I'm more guilty of blog slacking than anyone right now. It's awful.

Anonymous said...

Eee, I love these pictures! I saw a lot of them on Facebook, but I love having the backstory. :)

And you're right... you really do have the most beautiful children. Totes jellis. ;)


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