Wednesday, May 2, 2012


      My senior year of high school (back when It Wasn't Me by Shaggy was the no 1 single), my teacher for Soc and Psych handed out 3X5 note cards to the class.  He instructed us, quick emphatically, to write our names in the upper right corner, and then to write only one more word on the cards: yes, or no.  The yes or no was to be in answer to the question, "Do you have any desire at all to ever be a lawyer?"

     I, in big, block, insistant capital letters wrote, "NO."

      About four and a half years later (when Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani was at the top of the charts), I started Law School.

      Things change.  Life reaches out and grabs you, pushing or pulling you, opening new paths and shifting others.  One thing I have always accepted about my plans is that they will change.  I am always moving forward, but not necessarily in a hard, straight line.  I love the changes life brings, and I love being open to them.

      The other day, not for the first time, I was struck by how very much my life and outlook have changed since I started this little blog.  At it's inception, MacGyver and I had been married just over 4 months; I had just come on active duty and was barely a lawyer; and while I was health and nutrition conscious, it wasn't even approaching the Ethical Eating, chemical free lifestyle we strive to live now.

       I thought I would probably stay in the Marine Corps for 20 years.  I thought I would probably only want one more child.  I thought I would eventually go back to The City.  Farming definitely never crossed my mind.

       But Life, as it has a way of doing, intervened.  Things, as they tend to do, changed.  MacGyver and I, being who we are, have embraced it.  We are ready to make a change.

       We have a new aim.  It is not a goal.  (I accomplish my goals.)  This is an aim.  We might not land exactly where we're aiming if Life intervenes, but we're moving in a new direction.  And that direction is toward a sustainable homestead - dare I say it?  A farm.

      Not a big farm.  Not the neverending fields of corn that represented farming to me growing up where I did.  No, our plan is more of a big, massive garden.  With chickens.  And maybe a couple cows and pigs and some peafowl.  And possibly sheep.  We'll see. 

       One day, I'll do a post on the fact that I'd rather call it a big, massive garden than a farm even though a farm is precisely what it would be, but the industrial farming complex has so changed what it means to farm that I don't even want to associate myself with the word. 

      And I don't want to be called a Farmer.

      So - that's quite a direction shift.  Well, sort of.  I'm pretty sure anyone who's followed this blog could kind of see it coming.  I mean, we're damn near a farm now with the three gardens and the chickens and whatnot.  Really, this is just the next step.

      Nevertheless, I'm owning this change.  I'm facing the fact that I'm not really the same person I was back when I started this little blog.  And I'm moving in a new direction.  So, as much as it annoys me when people do this, I'm changing blogs. 

      Cheap Wine and Cookies will no longer be my primary blog.  It will still be here.  I may occasionally update it.  But from this point on, the majority of my posts will be found at:

      Please click on over and follow me there.  One of my biggest worries is losing touch with all my awesome Cheap Winos in this switch.

      The new blog will be a little more focused than Cheap Wine and Cookies has been.  My primary focus will be on the journey from where we are now to where we would like to be in about a year when I get out of the Marine Corps - the steps we've already taken, the steps we fantasize about taking, and the huge transition process.  Ethical Eating and Sustainable Living posts will still abound.  There will be fewer posts kvetching about how much I dislike the Post Office.

      I can't wait to see you there!

(Oh, and hey, if anyone wants to lend their talents to some blog and button design, let me know!)


Kaity said...

So excited to follow your journey! I, too, had about zero interest in sustainable food a few years ago. It wasn't until my time in Uganda that I realized our skewed the global food system was. For the first time, I had found something that really resonated with me and my attempts at reducing my meat consumption and eating healthier were among the first resolutions I made that I ever actually kept.

Can't wait to keep following your journey. I hope to learn a lot from you and maybe in a few years make a little farm of our own :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I am heading over now! That is so exciting! I mean, the farm, oops, large garden...heheh.

Emmy said...

How awesome is that! On my way over now


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