Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michigan Bound

So on the 29th we loaded up and headed out for another long haul to MI. MacGyver and I, Punky and Flintstone, and Sirius and Tonks (Kingsley had to stay home, a friend is checking in on him and the fish) and all our gear in Vivienne - my MazdaSpeed 3 hatchback. For 20 hours or so. Joy.

It really wasn't as bad as it could have been, though. Flintstone was such a good boy. We did a whole lot of the driving overnight, so he slept a lot - though I did spend a lot of time with one arm twisted into the backseat retrieving pacifiers, holding bottles, and just letting him hold my hand. I also spent a lot of time pumping. And a lot of time pumping with one hand while my other hand was in the backseat with him. My left shoulder has become quite flexible this week.
On the 30th, we dropped Punky off with BioB in Indy (well, we dropped her off with BioB's current boyfriend, BioB was at work). How sad is it that the first thing Punky said when we told her she was going to spend New Years with BioB was "ooo! I love that babysitter!" referring to the girl who watches Punky when she's there since BioB spends very little time with her.
The handoff went smoothly. BioB's boyfriend is a nice guy. He told us that BioB wants to move to Oklahoma. He hates the idea. I love it. There's no way in H-E- double hockey sticks that we're going to drive Punky all the way to OK for visitation.
BioB will actually have to provide transportation herself - something she's required to do since she's $13,000.00 in arrears for support, but she has only actually done once in the last 4 years or so.
So I say go to OK and good riddance. She abandoned Punky at 6 months and withdrew from her more and more until she was going 6 to 8 months without contacting us at all. She offered to consent to the adoption. Then, out of nowhere, she suddenly starts acting like she wants to be in Pubky's life again. It may be selfish, but I'm not ok with that. Especially since I think it's all for her boyfriend's sake. When they break up, which they do often, she looses all interest in Punky.
But I try to be reasonable and civil. So we dropped Punky off then skipped up to Lafayette to spend the evening with some friends from when we went to Purdue.
I LOVE Lafayette. It makes me so nostalgic. We had dinner at the restaraunt where MacGyver and I first met, and I caught up with my roommate from Sr year. Oh, the antics she and I pulled.
We crashed at a hotel, had breakfast with another friend who's a successful DJ in the area, and took off for the last 6 hour jump to Michigan. One day, we'll spend a weekend in Laf, go to our old haunts, and see DJ L spin.

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