Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

It looks like Imbolc brought us Spring here in the South.  It was an absolutely gorgeous holiday weekend.  Punky had one of her best friends over to spend the night Friday night, and Saturday morning we went hiking:
On our hike, we saw the Loch Ness Monster:

And, ultimately, we ended up on the beach at low tide:

It was so beautiful, and there was almost no one else there.  The girls had a blast:

So did Flintstone:

MacGyver and I had a pretty good time, too:

* * *

Back at home, Flintstone had tummy time:

So did MacGyver:

Then, on Sunday, we spent some time at a different beach before we dropped Punky off for an overnight birthday party (woohoo grown-up time!):

Since it's not really clear from the picture, I should point out that the onsie Flintstone is wearing in the picture above says "Objection!"

Are those not the most adorably pudgy baby feet you've ever seen?

Sunday night we closed down Barnes & Noble - I know, we're wild.  I freaking love bookstores.  All of them.  They closed at 10, but I could have stayed there for hours more.  Then we went for a wonderful late dinner and had a really interesting conversation about psychology and Bloom Boxes (some alt energy thing that MacGyver is really into).  At home, we relaxed with some beer (MacGvyer) and hard cidar (me).  We had finished the amazing bottle of Eiswein* that MacGyver got for our Miniversary on Friday.

Monday morning, we slept in.  Well, I sort of slept in.  Flintstone stayed asleep until almost 7, and after I was up with him for couple/few hours, MacGyver and I climbed back in bed.  Flintstone slept for a full 2 hours, so we got to take an awesome nap - and stuff.

Later, we went out and got a ton of stuff to put in two new gardens (so we will have 3 all together).  I'm so excited to start on that.  Whenever I figure out a time.

In closing, I know this isn't the best picture of me, but how hot are these boots?  I'm wearing them as much as I can before the weather gets too warm and I'm back to sandals/barefoot:

* Eiswein is my favorite wine indulgence.  Reisling is my favorite wine in general, but Eiswein is really something special.  It's super sweet because it's made from frozen picked grapes - which is also why it's more rare and a fair bit more pricey than other wines.  MacGyver surprised me with a bottle when I got home on our Miniversary.  Not only that, but he had also framed and hung up all of my Grandpa's paintings - something I have been wanting to do for a long time.  My Grandpa was an amazing artist, and I want to preserve all his art that I can get my hands on.

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