Friday, December 16, 2011

Look at All the Sky Fish!

      Yesterday morning, when I got Flintstone out of the car at his school, there were birds flying all over the parkinglot. 

      Flintstone "ooo"d and "aaahh"d excitedly.  When I put him down he clapped, pointed at the birds, and triumphantly signed "fish!"  "Fish!"  Flintstone, like his daddy, loves fish.  He runs up to the fish tank and signs fish until we pick him up to look at them at least once a day.

      I tried to show him the sign for bird, but he was too excited watching the birds to look at my hands.  This morning, when we got out of the car, he was looking all over, signing "fish," but, alas, there were no sky fishies to be seen.

      Now, enjoy some random, obligatory pictures:

Flintstone does not enjoy cold weather.  Mostly because he does not enjoy his coat.
Note: I went against my own rule and tried to edit this picture, which is why Flintstone's eye is black.
A kid after my own heart:  Starbucks!
Note: I drank the tea from that cup, not him ;-)

The coat Flintstone is wearing in this picture was mine when I was a baby.  It was the coat I was wearing the first time my mom left me alone with my dad.  There is a hilarious picture of when she came home to find me chilling in the back of the Jeep next to a keg, wearing that jacket.  Of course, no one knows where that picture is now, but still.

I made a centerpiece!  I never to stuff like this!  It even has a candle on top!

I took this picture through the french doors that open to our back yard.  I love looking out back and seeing the chickens wandering around.

Yes, a picture almost the same as the one above.  I couldn't decide which one I liked best.  You'll deal.


MiMi said...

Hey!! You're getting crafty!!

Katherine said...

That centerpiece is really pretty!

We have articles of clothes that all of my siblings wore, and sometimes my mom mixes up which memory of the clothes goes with which child.


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