Monday, February 27, 2012

Whitney vs War Heroes: Enough Already

There have been all these memes and things flying around Facebook and Pinterest talking about how Whitney Houston's death is getting all this press but Marines and soldiers are dying hero's deaths every day and not getting a word.  These memes often call Whitney a crack addict or worse.

My heart breaks when I hear about our fallen heroes.  I REALLY wish there was more attention given to the fallen, to their stories, to their memories.  I would love to see news coverage of the amazing lives and sacrifices of our fallen heroes.  These women and men did amazing things and they DO deserve the attention and mourning of millions, but here's the thing:

Comparing their deaths this way cheapens them.  You're STILL not focusing on the fallen.  You're turning mourning and sadness into a competition.  If you feel that someone deserves recognition or mourning, then effing tell their story!  Mourn them!  Don't make little posters belittling someone else's life.  Don't bitch about someone else's death.  Do what YOU can to give that fallen hero what they deserve.

Did that person live their life jealous of Whitney Houston?  Then don't effing make their deaths about Whitney Houston, either.


Heck, there are probably a lot of fallen heroes who were fans of hers and would be sad that she died.  Would they be wrong?


MiMi said...

Oh whoops. I just left a nice ranty comment on your FB post. LOL!

Karen Peterson said...

I agree with you. It isn't a competition and people don't have to ignore her death, but I wish a lot more attention was paid and tributes given for our fallen soldiers.


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