Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Whistle at Derby Girls

The fonts are crazy in the post and I have no idea why.  And I'm not inclined to waste my time trying to fix it.  You'll deal because you love me that much.
MAN, what a week!  Every day this week was up at 6 for work. Work, work, work all day (remember Im 3 lawyers right now – 2 Captains and a Major – until we get some new personnel in here in a few months).  The rush home, play with baby, make and scarf dinner, and load onto the car for the hour and 10 minute drive to Roller Derby practice.  Practice until 10 or so (10:30 half the time).  Head home and hit the rack by 12:30 if Im lucky
*  *  *  This next part is rather boring.  If youre bored of my long posts, feel free to skip down to the next set of asterisks *  *  *
Oh, except Wednesday morning when I had to get up at 5 to run my annual PFT (physical fitness test for Marines).  It was my first post pregnancy PFT, and I was both happy and disappointed with the result.  I got my lowest score ever, by far (277 out of 300 – still a First Class, but I have never come below 280 before – in 10 years).  Granted, I’ve never run a PFT after building a person, but still.  What dragged down my score?  The same thing that always does, the damn run.  I always, always max the flexed arm, and it was no different this time.  I always, always max the sit ups – this time I only got 98.  Out of 100.  How annoying is that?  If I had just done them 5 seconds faster, I could have maxed the sit ups like I normally do and gotten 2 more points.  *pout*
But it was the run.  Ugh, the run.  I lost a LOT of time off my run while I was pregnant.  Some women run throughout their entire pregnancies.  I envy them.  I had to stop running and switch to swimming at 7 months.  I still stayed fit, but my run time plummeted.  Before TBS and pregnancy, I could run my 3 mile in under 21 minutes.  Two weeks after Flintstone was born, 3 miles took me 29 minutes in perfect weather and well rested.  A few weeks ago I ran a practice PFT and clocked in at 26:30.  So, really, I’ve been improving a lot.  From 29 minutes to 24:28 in 7 months isn’t bad.  Still, I dont know if Ill ever get back to 21 minutes.  At least not any time soon – especially since were considering having another baby after my jaw surgery
*  *  *  End Tangent.  *  *  *
The long and short of it is that it has been a crazy, jam-packed go-go-go week.  On top of my insane schedule at work, I ran a PFT, and presented arguments to our Church board as to why they should allow us to start a CUUPs (Covenant of UU Pagans) chapter.  I have been go-go-going constantly every minute of every very long day every day of this extremely long week.
And Ive been a horrible Mommy.  The Mommy Guilt is coming out my ears.  Absolutely ever second that I havent been at work, meetings, or Derby, Flintstone has been GLUED to me.  The poor little guy.  I can tell he misses all the Mommy time.  Hes still happy and full of giggles all the time, but hes definitely a little clingy.  I cant wait to make this up to him on Saturday. 
But even though I feel hella guilty, it has been so, so worth it.  I have been trying to do Roller Derby since I was in Law School.  The Gotham Girls, the Brooklyn Bombshells, River City Rollergirls – Ive contacted them all.  Ive flirted with the teams.  Ive even checked out practices.  But I could never quite pull it off. I couldnt make the commitment.  I didnt have time to master the skating skills on my own.  I was just moving too damn often.
Well, Ive finally pulled it off.  Thanks to the Savannah Derby Devils Boot Camp (pictures), Ive got the skills and Im ready to do this.  I cant become a full on RollerGirl just yet because its still too much time.  They practice three times a week over an hour away.  But Im going to Ref (and so is MacGyver!  How awesome is that?  Do I have the coolest hubby ever, or what?) which is one practice a week.  I can totally do that.  Sooooo excited.  *Squee*
Tonight is the Boot Camp Party.  Im also super excited about that.  We dont have any real party friends down here yet, so we really only get to go out partying when we visit Michigan or New York (though, granted, we make it to both places a couple times a year and those are some damn good parties).  Im so excited to go out and have a few drinks with these amazing, crazy women; swap stories about the week; butcher some karaoke (think I can persuade MacGyver to do a horrific duet?); and do it all in club clothes – its been a long time since I got all done up.  Although last night at practice I did wear the hottest pair of red and black stockings.  And of course there are no pictures of me in those.  They only took pictures of me the night I looked completely awful after the PFT.  Oh well.
This week, while exhausting, was great.  Tonight is going to be amazing.  And tomorrow, MacGyver promises me a whole day of relaxing and baby cuddles.
This post was supposed to be about skating and my take on Boot Camp, but it didnt exactly end up that way.  Be prepared for that one in the future – with pictures!
See you all when stupid Blogger starts working again.

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