Monday, May 2, 2011

On Top

      MacGyver and I have been planning our next wedding since we started planning our first.  The summer we got married I had just graduated Law School and taken the Bar exam, and we were getting ready to move from NYC to Virginia because I was coming on Active Duty.  We were pretty frigging broke.  We should have eloped or done a real small court house thing, probably.  But I wanted a wedding, damn it.  You only get married once (theoretically, whatever - you know what I mean - I will only get married once), and I wanted to share the occasion with family and friends.  And I wanted the Party.  And, to be perfectly honest, I wanted the dress.  I'm not a particularly girly-girl, but I love really dressy dresses.  And what is more dressy than a wedding dress?  I wasn't about to be gracing the red carpet any time soon.

      So we had a wedding, and it was AMAZING.  It goes down in the anals of history as one of the most fun weddings ever.  Certainly in my town (not to mention by far the most diverse event ever to take place in my town - the wedding party alone was composed of more races, ethnicities, and orientations than can be found in a 50 mile radius of my town).  No exaggeration at all, people STILL mention how awesome our wedding was to me, in all its torential monsoon glory.  Check it out.

      But we had to do it on the cheap.  We scratched together ever cent we had, every ounce of credit, every favor we could scrounge, and we did the whole thing - dress, rings, ceremony, reception AND the Honeymoon - for under 10k.  Sure, it made things tight for months after that.  But it was soooo very worth it.  And we didn't skimp on the dress, rings, and honeymoon, let me tell you.

      MacGyver and I made the cake ourselves himself.  It was a 6 tiered, 6 flavored cheesecake.  We decorated the fondant with an amazing baroque vine pattern - green and brown (the wedding colors).  In the end, the bottom layer didn't set up, which was really sad, and really bothered MacGyver (he's looking forward to the opportunity to correct that at the next wedding), but the day after the wedding the bride'smaids dug into it (it was amaretto cherry flavored), and I'm told it was spectacular.

      The one thing that really sucks about the cake?  That really saddens me and makes me that much more determined to have the next wedding in a couple years?  We don't have a single picture of the cake.  Not one.  A friend has two pictures that have the disassembled cake in the background, but there isn't a one of the cake put together.  Not a one of the cake with the hilarious cake toppers we got. 

      Yes, we got two different cake toppers.  We couldn't choose.  So we put one on the very top, and the other two on lower levels.  Tell me these aren't the best cake toppers you've ever seen:
Top of the cake.

Lower levels.
(I took these pictures in the morning before work, forgive the cruddy quality)

      At the next wedding (we're thinking 2013 - but I don't want to wait that long!), I will be sure to get tons of pictures of them.  That is, if we go with them.  I'm also toying with the idea of using action figures - Xena and MacGyver.  What do you think?  In the meantime, these toppers are on display in our kitchen next to the etched champagne flutes.  Can you find them in this post?

      What do you all think of Re-Weddings/Vow renewals/whatever?  Do you think all 6 layers of the cake should be cheesecake next time?  I was thinking 3 layers of cheesecake, and three layers of other stuff, but MacGyver wants all cheesecake.  Xena and MacGyver or the cake toppers pictured above?  Anything else you want to weigh in on for the [re]wedding?

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