Monday, June 6, 2011

The Good and The Bad: Drinks and Cravings

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the good and bad things in my life.  I have two super-long posts drafted up about where I’ve failed and where I’ve succeeded, just sort of taking stock.  I may never post them, though because 1) they’re probably pretty boring to read; 2.) the positive parts of them come off as super braggy; and 3.) they are super duper long.  Such posts are the epitome of a post just for myself.
Still, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time just looking around myself, thinking, assessing.  This morning as I made a cup of tea (organic white), I started ruminating on my eating habits.  I’ve gotten a little lax the last couple weeks.  I mean, not all that lax.  I’ve still been eating ethically and getting enough veggies, but my sugar and fat cravings have been off the charts.  I suspect it’s a combination of sleep deprivation and a recent Flintstone growth spurt.
Did you know that sleep deprivation messes with your hormones in a way that causes increased appetite?  What a pain in the rear.
So in the last couple weeks, I’ve indulged in a few more cookies that I usually do.  I’ve had veggie pizza twice (I found out that Little Caesars’ and Pizza Hut both use cheese without enzymes from slaughtered baby animals).  And where I usually drink a constant stream of unsweetened tea – green, white, and black – all day, I’ve instead been drinking a lot more coffee with milk and agave nectar (or *cringe* flavored non-dairy creamers – mmmm . . . caramel macchiato . . .) and either Pepsi Throwback or Dr. Pepper Throwback in the afternoons (Throwback is made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, HFCS=gag).  Granted, I’m still only drinking 2 or 3 cans of pop during the workweek, but I had been down to about one a week, usually divided over two days.
So this morning, gazing longingly at the coffee pot in my office mourning the fact that I really can’t have any more caffeine right now, I put my foot down (figuratively).  I’m going back to tea.  This little period of indulgence has gone on long enough.  No more frozen yogurt before bed.  No more pop in the afternoon.  (Ok, to be realistic “no more” might be taking it a little far, but I am cutting it back down to once a week or so).
I think it’s about time to bring my loose leaf teas back to work.

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