Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chill Weekend

      We had a great weekend.  Nothing too particularly exciting, but still pretty enjoyable.  I had a girls' night out with some girlfriends Friday night that was SO much fun even though we didn't stay out very late.  At home, we watched a few movies, and I spent most of the day Saturday just getting tons of stuff done.  It was normal stuff, tidying up, cleaning the floors, laundry, errands, that sort of thing, but it was nice to have time to just get it all out of the way.

      Having Boo around has been a really big help and the house is very, very clean, which I love.  Too bad that won't last after we leave him back in MI :-(.

      Sunday was all sleeping in and board games and relaxing.  Not an exciting weekend, but a relaxing one.  Of course, MacGyver and I had to go and run a freaking azload of sprints at 0600 this morning so I'm exhausted now.  So much for having relaxed ;-). 

1 comment:

Karen Peterson said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Even if you did have to do something unthinkable, like be someone that early in the morning.


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