Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Screw Spring Cleaning. . .

      . . . I'm more a Fall re-vamp sorta girl.  For weeks now I've been all over our house trying to instill a little organization and style here and there.  We're talking nesting level obsession with organizing and prettifying.

      I love our house.  It is beautiful and bright and has a brilliant open floor plan.

      And I hate our house.  It has this freaking open floor plan that means there is zero storage space and if there is one disorganized space in any room, you can see it from the whole damn house.  *ahem*

      We won't even touch on the fact that I can't JUST clean the floor in the dining room because it's the same floor as the entryway, livingroom, and sunroom so I have to do them all at once every freaking time.

       But it's just a rental.  So, lesson learned, in a couple years when we go elsewhere, we'll be sure to get a place with more storage and separate rooms for everything.  Because that's just my style.

      In the meantime, I'm on a mission.  I am building and creating and moving, reorganizing and stashing.  On a budget, because we STILL haven't settled with the freaking insurance company on the VA house.

      I have been all over Pinterest (have you added me on Pinterest yet? I have a button right over there on the right ---->), finding all sorts of inspiration and ideas.

      My next two big projects are the entryway chaos and Flintstone's room.  I may post pictures when I'm done. But we all know how great I am about remembering to upload pictures.


MiMi said...

Ahhh...reorganizing and stashing are my 2 most popular pasttimes.

Katherine said...

We have a semi-open floor plan, and I actually love it. But there is never enough storage. Ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm like you, in that I love to clean stuff during the fall rather than spring. I want to be outside in spring, not holed up in the house cleanin' shit! ;)

CanadianMama said...

Yeah, I love my open floor plan but find there isn't enough storage (on the main level - tons in the basement and garage) and there is not enough closets and nooks to hide away vacuums, etc. BUT, I would still hate a home without an open floor plan. We did put drawers and cupboards on both sides of our island in the kitchen and that has made a big difference!

Emmy said...

Oh yes definitely do before and after pictures!! Those are always so fun to see


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