Monday, October 24, 2011


A little military  jargon lesson for my civilian readers: T.A.D. = temporary additional duty. Doesn't sound good, but it's really not a bad deal. Effectively, in most cases at least, its basically time off your regular job to go do something else. In my case, this usually means training. Legal training. And, if you're a dork like me and love school as much as I do (not to mention getting paid to go to new places), TAD for legal training is a happy thing.

       . . . And, despite the Marine Corps' penchant for trying to turn acronyms into words, TAD is pronounced T-A-D, not Tad like a country club tennis pro.

This week, I'm at the Army JAG school getting schooled up for my new position as Legal Assistance OIC.  Just half way through the first day, I'm already picking up tons of useful and exciting information. 

I can't exaggerate my excitement over all the information and tools I'm accumulating. If I can make it work, I can use this information to really, really help people. I'm hatching plans. The proverbial wheels are spinning away. Big things are afoot.

I'd be happy enough with just the classes and information, but this TAD is even better because after my days full of learning potential, I get to head out for mini-vacation evenings. Things worked out sarendipitously enough that MacGyver could take time off and the whole fam came with me (originally, it would have just been Flintstone and me).

Did I mention this course is taking place on UVA's campus? In a historic VA city?  Full of fun stuff to do? YES!  So in the evenings, we'll be galavanting around town taking advantage of a free(ish) mini-vacation*.

Blogging will likely be minimals, but hey, you're all getting used to that by now ;-)

*The government is only paying MY expenses, we are by no means using federal money for the fam to galavant (though they are staying with me in my hotel room - which I conscientiously booked at less than the gov max).


MiMi said...

Seriously. JAG!! That's kind of famous sounding. :)

Katherine said...

How nice would that be to get time away from your work to learn. All my learning (lectures, conferences, etc) take place on my non working time, meaning I keep working as much and then do mandatory meetings on my time off.

I hope you have fun. Can't wait to hear about your mini vacations.

Diandra said...

Enjoy! Learning is supposed to be fun, and we should do it all our lives!

Karen Peterson said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm a bit of a nerd, so I'd love to get to go and get paid to do some learning.


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