Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Compassionate Life: My Endeavor

      As a couple of you have already noticed, there is a new tab up at the top of this page.  A Compassionate Life:  My Endeavor is my new blog following my progress as I undertake Karen Armstrong's Twelve Steps to a Compassionate LifeThere being twelve steps worked out perfectly since I decided to undertake this project in December.  Hence, I will be devoting one month to each of the twelve steps.  Obviously it has not escaped my attention that January is almost over.  Not to fret, I have been following the first step all month, I just haven't written all that much about it.  I expect to get a couple posts out about the first step over the next week or so.  And if it bleeds over into February?  So what.  It's my project and I'll bleed if I want to.  Plus, since the steps build on each other, it's not like the first step suddenly stops when I move on to the second.

      Please check out the new blog.  You can either click on the first link in this post, or the tab at the top, or you can click one of the following links to be taken to the individual posts:

      Why Compassion?: The Journey Begins

     Why Compassion?:  It Fits

      And while I'm on the topic of other blogs, I've been thinking about my other tabs at the top.  Generally, when I add something to the Ethical Eating and Sustainable Living (EESL) blog, I post it here as well.  The EESL blog is more or less a place to gather the Cheap Wine and Cookies posts that relate to the topics of Ethical Eating and Sustainable Living.  The same goes for The Family That Reads.  It is a collection of Cheap Wine and Cookies posts. 

      I have not followed that trend with the Recipes site.  As often as I can, I throw up quick recipes (ok, they're not always quick to read, I'm rather wordy with my recipes), as I'm cooking or after dinner.  I do not, however, usually post those to Cheap Wine and Cookies because 1) it's a pain in the rear, and 2.) it would flood Cheap Wine and Cookies.

      So I'm putting forward this request, if you're interested, please follow the Recipes blog on it's own.

      At this point, I haven't decided whether I'm going to maintain the Compassion blog seperately, or whether I will post all the entries here on the Cheap Wine and Cookies main page.  I suppose that depend partially on whether anyone follows it.

      Any input from my loyal Cheap Winos?  Do you want to see my Compassion posts here on the main page, or would you rather follow it as a seperate blog?


Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, how do you make the time??? I BARELY keep up with my one boring blog.

I personally would like it on here so I wouldn't have to jump pages. Sometimes I forget to check the other blogs.

I'm intrigued. I'll have to check out the new blog!

Emmy said...

If it is just afew a month totally here. Don't make things so hard on yourself.

MiMi said...

I'm with Impulsive. I was going to ask you the same thing and say that I'd love to read them here as well.

Karen Peterson said...

I kind of agree with Emmy, but it's your project and I think you should decide what your goal is with the Compassionate page. Do you want it to turn into something more? If so, then it should probably be its own entity.


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