Tuesday, January 3, 2012


      Well, the New Year is upon us.  2011 was a great, pretty low key year - no moves, no births, no real major life changes that I can think of.  Even our New Year's Eve was more low key than it has been - probably ever.  We went to waterfront park, enjoyed some lattes (fair trade, organic, soy) and watched the fireworks, then hung out at home with friends (and wine) and watched the Ball drop.  The highlight of the night was when we saw our picture on the ToshibaVision screen in Times Square - one of our friends had tweeted it in!

Yes, it's a poor quality cell pic, but it was on the big screen in Times Square New Year's Eve!
      There was little to no talk of resolutions.  I don't do resolutions.  Ok, I sort of do, but only in a very small way.  I perfer to focus on improvement.  Not, I will do X thing Y times better, so sweeping loose weight or quit smoking resolutions (um, mostly because I don't want to loose weight and I don't smoke . . .).  I think Jo really captured it in her resolutions post.  If you haven't read Outta Jo before, you need to start.  She is awesome.  She is a real life friend of mine who I deeply admire.  She is a Doula in NYC, mother to an unbelievably adorable little girl with another little one on the way.

       The long and short of it is that I plan on this year being better.  Life is about growth, and as such every new step should be a step forward and every year should build upon the last.  And I was content just to leave it at that.  Until, as I mentioned in The End is Near, I read Karen and Katherine's recent  Project 52 posts, and my love of listmaking and fantasizing about things I don't actually have time to do got the better of me.

       So here it is, my Project 52.  Don't expect any regular updates to it.  You'll be lucky if you see a year-end address to it, but I'll be doing it nonetheless.  These aren't resolutions.  They're not even goals.  They are things I want to do in 2012.  Some of them I won't do.  Some I'll change my mind about.  Some will be good ideas, and some might not.  We shall see.

1.      Conduct an Ethical Eating Discussion Group
2.      Write at least 2 posts per month on the Professional Blog
3.      Get rid of all the junk in the spare room
4.      Visit a cemetery
5.      Invite friends for dinner at least 6 times
6.      Create a page for my Compassionate Life steps
7.      Compassionate Life Step 1
8.      Compassionate Life Step 2
9.      Compassionate Life Step 3
10.  Compassionate Life Step 4
11.  Compassionate Life Step 5
12.  Compassionate Life Step 6
13.  Compassionate Life Step 7
14.  Compassionate Life Step 8
15.  Compassionate Life Step 9
16.  Compassionate Life Step 10
17.  Compassionate Life Step 11
18.  Compassionate Life Step 12
19.  Plant a Witch’s Herb Garden
20.  Call Grandma once a month
21.  Call a friend I haven’t talked to in a while every month
22.  Send Thank You cards
23.  Re-do my resume
24.  Implement an entryway organization scheme
25.  Begin the patent and/or marketing process for one of MacGyver’s inventions
26.  Clean out closet
27.  Start cementing details for the 5 year Re-wedding
28.  Put up a Meal Plan display
29.  Go camping
30.  Figure out the bills
31.  Go to the Doc for my knees
32.  Give blood
34.  Send Holiday cards.  On time.
35.  Finish Flintstone’s baby book
36.  Update/Frame/Hang new Family Pics
37.  Create the webpage for my office
38.  Finish restoring Cheap Wine and Cookies
39.  Surprise clean MacGvyer’s Truck
40.  Have at least one Mommy/Daughter day a month
41.  Maximize the success of the Tax Center and the Tax Center Marines
42.  Earn my Green belt
43.  Read 12 books
44.  Have jaw surgery
45.  Pack away Flintstone’s baby things
46.  Switch to homemade hair products for at least a month
47.  Spend more time in the garden
48.  Do more Isometrics
49.  Create Consumer Law Fact Sheets for the office
50.  Nurture contacts for the civilian transition
51.  Learn more about herb uses
52.  Buy more ethical products/fewer unethical products
       What are you expecting in 2012?  Want to join up with Project 52?  Just click the link above and hook up with Karen's linky.


Karen Peterson said...

This is a great list! I'm so glad you decided to join in! ;-)

Jennee said...

#44 does not sound like fun! Best of luck with all of your goals this year! It'll be fun...or atleast an adventure!

Nadine Hightower said...

I do improvements... I will be more postitive! I will not let mean people get me down. and guess what!!??? My hub positively hurt his back and I'm very positive that the clutch went out on my car! Great start so far!!

MiMi said...

Yer famous!!!

Emmy said...

Okay love love that picture! So awesome they played it on the jumbo tron!! Your husband's shirt- your daughter's expression- all made it perfect.

Mamarazzi said...

how awesome that the pic was on the time square screen, super cool!!

Emily said...

Awesome list! I'm still debating on whether or not I want to do it. I tend to fail about my resolutions (big or small) so I'm not sure I want to do that to myself again.

The Lovely One said...

Why are you having jaw surgery??? You poor thing, I hope it's worth it!

CanadianMama said...

Yep, I like this list and it's pretty similar to things I want to do. Except for number 6 - a cemetery is hopefully NOT on my list for 2012 lol!


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