Thursday, March 22, 2012

Does This Coffee Make Me Look Tired?

      After my last post, I told myself I was going to stop posting about how busy I am.  I imagine no one actually cares how many clients I've seen this week or how many case files I've failed to closed.  Well guess what?  It's my blog and I'll do what I want.

      The fever pitch at which I've been working with the other attorney out of town all week may be starting to take it's toll.  Every afternoon, every single appointment slot I've had open has been booked solid.  And I've taken walk-ins.  I've been seeing so many clients that both my clerk and my paralegal apologize to me every time they walk in my office with a new file (which is several times a day).  This is, of course, playful apologizing in response to my wry and flippant comments about how much the other attorney is going to owe me when he gets back, but still.  I'm working even faster and more effectively than I usually do, and still I'm just keeping up (which isn't really adequate when you start out behind).

      I have some cases screaming for my attention that I just can't get to.  I will -sooner or later, I will - but I really do care about all my clients and I don't like the idea of any file sitting around untouched for any period of time, even if it's only a week.

      And I'm still battling a cold.  I've been very, very successful in this battle with herbal remedies, lots of tea, and running in the sun with MacGyver.  Yes, if I'm not flat-on-my-back sick and the weather is nice, I feel like running can really help beat a cold down.  Not super-strenuous running, but still faster than a jog.

      Needless to say, I wouldn't normally be super productive on a week like this, so I've been relying much more heavily than I usually do on caffiene.  On a normal week, I'll drink one cup of green tea in the morning, and drink second infusion* or herbal teas (or combine the second infusion with herbal teas) the rest of the day.  If I'm dragging after lunch, I might add a little more green tea, or - very rarely - treat myself to a can of Pepsi Throwback (with sugar NOT HFCS).

      This week, I've been drinking coffee in the mornings, green tea when I get to work, and more green tea on top of my second infusion in the afternoon.  It's kept me functioning really well, but I suspect it's making my sleep a little less restful.  And last night I lost an hour or more to housework because I spent most of the evening out at a planning meeting for the Pagan group while MacGyver attended a meditation at the local Buddhist Sangha.

       This morning, I got up at the usual time, made myself a cup of coffee, and sat down to read more of The Island of Dr. Moreau from the H.G. Wells anthology MacGvyer got me for Yule.  I read a few sentences and felt my mind wandering.  Then I felt a hot sensation across my lap and a thump.  I had fallen asleep sitting there holding my coffee, and subsequently dumped the entire cup - every last drop - in my lap.  I think that cup of coffee woke me up more effectively than any of the others this week!

       So maybe I'm pushing myself a little hard.  Which is why I'm treating myself to a little blogging break before I head out for court this morning.  Of course, this break will be short lived, because I'm still booked solid today and tomorrow (and I "don't take appointments" on Fridays, except the 4 I currently have scheduled).

      Still, for as whiny as this post probably sounds, I am in a very good mood.  This is a good kind of busy.  I'm getting stuff done and helping people.  Things are really picking up with the Pagan group and the Buddhist group.  MacGyver and I are both very involved in the community.  There are other positives in the works that I'm not going to mention until I'm sure they will be happening.  Things are good.  Wonderful, actually.

       Hope you are all having relaxing, or at least positive, weeks.

*Second infusion is when you re-steep the same tea leaves again.  With good quality green tea, 85% of the caffiene comes out in the first 45 seconds of steeping, but you can still get a couple more good cups of tea after the first cup.


Gina said...

It's so weird how we always live such parallel lives.

Emmy said...

Holy cow girl you are busy. Hope your coffee wasn't too hot. And yes, take a break if you need!

MiMi said...

You should take a break. You need one.

Karen Peterson said...

I hope you got some rest this weekend. Just reading this post made me tired!


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