Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Framed Words

Jumping in again with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn For Talk To Us Tuesday because it has NO RULES!  And that's about the only thing I can committ to these days.


     Man, oh man, what a week!  And it's only Tuesday!  The other lawyer is out of the office for the whole week, and I was already behind at the beginning of the week, so things have been crazy to say the least.  And I'm drowning myself in teas and herbal remedies trying to fight off this sneaky little cold since being sick just isn't an option this week.  Yesterday I tried to run it out of myself, which seemed to help so we'll see.

      MacGyver's been super busy, too.  Contemplating a new career and juggling a million balls in the air.  I have no idea how that man does it.  He's also working on and heading up committees for the church left and right, and battling the insurance company, and performing routine vehicle maintnance because heaven knows I'm not about to do it.  He lead the most beautiful Ostara ritual on Sunday.  I can't wait to upload the pictures, if our friend who took them ever sends them to me.

      And even in the midst of all the swirling chaos of our lives, it's still important for us to find time for each other, to remind each other that we're still in this together and that we're still completely in love.  I've mentioned before that we have a journal that we've passed back and forth to record our feelings to each other since way back when we were in a long distance relationship.  Well, needless to say, neither of us has a whole lot of time for epic romance sonnets these days.  So we also have this:
      It's just a sheet of (recycled) notebook paper in a cheap frame.  We keep it in our master bathroom and use it to write little love notes back and forth to each other nearly every day.  You can also fancy it up with scrapbook paper, but I went the tree saving root with a little less dye.  You can also just write on the mirror in dry erase marker, but I always feel guilty erasing MacGyver's beautiful words when I need to do my hair.

      What little gestures to you share with your loved ones?

     Finally, on a totally unrelated note:

Happy Ostara/Equinox!
Won't you balance some eggs with us?


MiMi said...

That is SO sweet.

Gina said...

Love this idea. I need to hook something like this up.

Impulsive Addict said...

HA! I actually caught this on pinterest today! How awesome! So you already know I love it. I should make it but I'm afraid M would say dirty nasty things on it and our parents would see it or something. =)

Dont' work too hard this week. Thanks for linking up, girly!

Can you please think about turning off the word verification? I mess it up almost every time. I hate the new stuff. I was ok with the old. Ugh.

Shawn said...

What a sweet note! Words like those mean more than our hubbies will ever know.

I think I may take that idea but make it a floating frame, you never know where it will end up, this way I can get my girls involved.

Thanks for linking up!

Nicole said...

Oh wow, that's such a super cute idea!

Karen Peterson said...

What a great and thoughtful idea.


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