Friday, June 18, 2010

What's Wrong with Boo Now?: Chipmunk

Time for another exciting installment of What's Wrong with Boo Now?  And this will be a very special installment in as much as there isn't anything actually wrong with Boo this week.  Well, nothing new, at least.  If you haven't been keeping up on my plague ridden brother, you should definitely take the time to check out the cascade of misadventures that started it all: That's Not a Spider Bite, and the most recent calamity in the last installment of What's Wrong with Boo Now?

Now that you've had a chance to catch up:

I texted Boo the other day to ask him which middle name he liked better for Pip, Livingston or Cheshire (opinions, anyone?  I'm not sure we're ready to come out of the closet on the first name just yet, but it'll be soon.  There are reasons behind the two unusual middle names we were considering.  Cheshire is pronounced Chesher).

Boo responded, "Livingston.  What do you feed a baby chipmunk?"  With this picture attached:

Then he called me.  "Why," I asked, "do you have a baby chipmunk?  Where did you get it?  Put it back."

He told me he knew that's what I would tell him, and that he and his friend V (that is actually what we call her), found it in her driveway.  They have a bunch of chipmunks living under their deck, so, anticipating my advice, they put the chipmunk under the deck.  An hour or two later, they found it "drowning" in a small pond in V's yard.

So Boo has a new pet.  Because that's what Boo needs in addition to Bubbles, the insane adolescent black lab who chews on beer cans and eat wrapping paper.  (There's another story in the Boo saga – the ultimate reason my 22 year old brother no longer lives with my mom, is because living with Bubbles almost gave her a nervous breakdown).

I told him to call the vet right away and that he'd probably have to get baby rabbit formula, but, I'm emphasized, "Call the vet, or he is going to die."

Boo said he'd call the vet, and stop and get the food on his way to work that night.  And that he had already built "Suds" (to go with Bubbles the dog) a nice big habitat.

Later that night my dad told me that Boo was on his way to the vet with the baby chipmunk.

I didn't hear anything else about it for a couple days until I received a picture of Boo sleeping with baby chipmunk curled up on his cheek.  Very cute.  That kid . . .


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