So you clicked on the "About" link.  What exactly are you expecting from me?  The stuff in the blog isn't clear enough for you?  Or you're just so in love with me that you can't get enough?  Meh, it's probably the latter, and, honestly, I can't blame you.  So here are a few snippets about me and the other characters you might encounter herein:

I haven't yet come up with anything to say about myself that isn't already covered.  Or maybe I'm just a little lazy.  There you go.  There's something about me: I'm lazy.  Also, I'm not all that into talking about myself.  Which makes a lot of sense considering I have a blog . . .

MacGyver - The Husband. One of the most considerate, loving, and witty men you'll ever meet. Amazing father. Spectacularly handy and inventive. Has been known to repair power car windows with rubber bands and small stones. Seriously.  Oh, and if you didn't notice (which would be really weird), he's super hot.


Punky - 8 year old daughter. Charming, cunning, smart, outspoken, cute as heck and well aware of it.  Punky is one of the most polite, well mannered kids you'll ever meet.


Flintstone - Newest addition, Baby Son born at home in September 2010. Formerly known as Pip. Bright eyed and beautiful. Unexplainably charming. Quick to smile and laugh.  Always hungry.


Sirius Black - the Black Dog. Loves EVERYONE. Eats EVERYTHING. Ultimate master of the pathetic look. Just try to resist.

- the White Dog. Afraid of everyone (except me). Slightly neurotic, but the happiest dog you'll ever see in her private moments.

- Grey Kitty. Inordinately puffy tail. Playful yet cuddly when he feels like it. Has the amazing ability to whine while purring.

Vivian - my Car. Also known as Viv.

Addy - MacGyver's Truck.


NotDonna - one of my two best friends in the whole world. Very blonde feminist living in Washington state with her Indian Fiance, The Engineer.


The Producer - other very best friend in the whole world. Black queer producer living in Chicago with his fiance.  (I am pregnant in the picture).

Boo - my brother. Constantly plagued by catastrophy in hilarious ways.  Regularly featured in "What's Wrong with Boo Now?"

Lawyer Friends - Some of my very best friends from Law School.  They often appear in posts.

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