Monday, December 14, 2009

Going Underground

We are finally getting used to the idea of our upcoming relocation. It looks like it shouldn't be too hard to rent the house out, and the position I'm going to fill really is an amazing opportunity.

And yet, there is still SOOO much to do in so little time. We have to meet with TMO to figure out whether it's better for MacGyver and Punky to come with me to Rhode Island or stay behind. Christmas break is NEXT WEEK! We have to find a place to move to (or places, as the case may be, in RI and SC). We have to get the house ready to move out of (and I can't describe how big a task that is going to be!) There is so much paperwork, logistics, and details to be tracked. Ugh. I cannot wait to be at that ultimate duty station and know for sure that we get to stay put for at least a few years. It'll be a nice change of pace.

One of those tiny detail considerations to be taken is that I have to make this blog just a little more anonymous. Look for a pseudonym to appear shortly, along with deletions of references to where my actual duty station is and so forth. The blog is going away by no means. And I'm certain that anyone with half a brain and too much time on their hands would still be able to pretty easily track down who I am, but at least it won't be apparent on it's face anymore.

And lastly, I have had a sour stomach for 3 days now, and it's driving me nuts! I have no idea what could be causing it! There are no other symptoms at all! And of course anyone who knows I got the IUD out thinks I'm pregnant. While that would make me really happy, I seriously doubt it considering that would mean we conceived within a day or two of getting the IUD out and I don't think I was ovulating at that point. So I am seeing now that I am in for long months of anything strange going on with my body or health (and probably mood, for that matter) being interpreted as a symptom of pregnancy. WooHoo. We'll see.

Finally, I have to post pictures of the bedroom. It is amazing. I am going to be soo, soo sad to leave it. When I'll get around to those pics, though, remains to be seen. I'm going to be in Norfolk for the next two days for a mini field ex. I've been on a ship before, so this'll be nothing new. And I'm not too concerned about it other than the fact that there are about a billion things I need to be doing at home. It'll be interesting, though, I haven't been to Norfolk since '02 - man, does that make me feel old.

And, as per the previous post, I still hate coughing when I pee.

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