Monday, December 7, 2009

Ups and Downs

If the number of posts I manage to produce is any indication, the last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Work has been the main culprit, as I mentioned in Happy Day, I have finally reached (and surmounted) the culminating point of my training here at TBS. And it was no short or easy road to be sure, but I/we did it, and it will soon be over.

There have been more ups and downs than I can count. I can say with pleasure that there have been many more ups, but it has still be quite the emotional roller coaster, not just for me, but for MacGyver and Punky as well. Heck, probably more so for them. And the ride isn't over yet.

Recent ups and downs:
- I got home from MOUT to find the bedroom all painted, complete with the gorgeous new bedding and curtains, AND my new dresser (granted, it doesn't have my clothes in it - my old dresser is now hanging out in the livingroom, lol). It's so pretty. I'll post pictures soon.

- For MacGyver's birthday he wanted to take me shopping for new clothes (remember This?), and he actually seemed to have a blast picking out things for me to try on and such. And I came away with a bunch of new pants and a couple of really cute tops. Then we went out for ribs, which was also awesome. MacGyver had such a great time.

- Until we got home . . . I got a message from a friend informing me that our Duty Stations were [finally!] assigned. So I logged on to look. We had asked for Quantico because we love it here, we're getting really into perfecting the house (hello, brand new red bedroom), and we just moved some stuff with Punky's custody case here. So we were FAR from thrilled when Parris Island, SC showed up. As a matter of fact, we were really, really unthrilled. We'll have to rent out the house, we won't be able to finish it (at least not in the next three years), Punky will have to change schools again, as will MacGyver, and a million other small things that make moving to a place you had never considered moving to a huge pain in the a**.

- But, as it turns out, there are much better schools for MacGyver (who has been trying to finish two different degrees for a while now, but I keep interfering by making him move from state to state), and since we know we'll be there for three years, he'll be able to get those done right away, which will make him sooooo happy. He has sacrificed so much for me. AND it seems that this position I'm getting at PI is a pretty coveted one. There are HUGE opportunities for me there that I definitely could not get at Quantico. And further, my best friend here at TBS, Java, who is also a lawyer also got PI! Fun.

- But I love my new bedroom and bathroom and don't want to leave!

- And I had to work every day this weekend.

- But after work on Sunday, we went to the mall to do a little Holiday shopping, and we found a full set of the dishes we've been wanting for literally more than a year. We tried to order them online, but peices of the set were unavailable, and the stores never have the full set. But they did yeasterday. yay! There is a picture of them in the previous post.

- I'm getting the IUD out!!!!!!!

- I was supposed to get it out this morning, but the Dr's office was missing a particular hemostat they needed to do it with. Annoying. So now, more waiting. They promised to call me either this afternoon or tomorrow.

- Either way, I'm getting the IUD out!!! Woo Hoo.

Well, those are the highlights. There have been lots of other little ups and downs, but those have been the big ones drawing me out of the blogsphere lately. Maybe over the next month I'll have time to be a little better. Then again, the holidays are coming up . . .

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