Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I have never seen snow like this in VA before. It's like MI snow! It's awesome. Though it does make me even more sad to leave this house because I'm pretty certain we will never see snow like this down south. We definitely decided yesterday, though, that after we separate from the Marines, we're going to move back to the North, back to four distinct seasons.Watching the dogs bound through snow as high as them was too cute and hilarious.
From Cheap Wine and Cookies

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

Either way, the snow is amazing. It truly makes the season. There was barely a flake on the ground when we went to bed, and when I got up in the morning to let the dogs out:

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

Then someone decided they were going to go out and shovel snow up above their knees with no snowpants on . . .
From Cheap Wine and Cookies
But we got that all straightened out, and we had a big family snow shoveling party.

Which, of course, eventually denigrated into a snow playing party, which may or may not have been Mommy's fault . . .We all went in for hot chocolate and a little relaxing before MacGyver and I headed out to finish up the last of the shoveling. We ended up slow dancing in the snow to REO Speedwagon MacGyver had playing on his phone. It was one of those small moments that mean a lot.

and then it passed, lol.
Apparently spending the day bounding through neck deep snow is tiring . . .

And just to catch up, pictures of putting the star on the tree last weekend:

Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow is the Solstice. I have planned nothing for it, but this snow definitely helps with the feeling of the day. We're also leaving tomorrow for the great white North to see family and friends. We can't wait. I'm sure I will have too much to do and too much to blog about when we return, but there is little to no internet signal up there, so until then, miss you all. Be happy and stay safe!
From Cheap Wine and Cookies

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