Monday, December 7, 2009

Up Hill Both Ways

Yesterday I walked 15 miles. It was our final hump. My feet are not happy today. I need to chill in a tub and get a pedicure. Anyone who doesn't believe up hill both ways is possible needs to join me for a nice "walk" here in lovely Quantico.

I also stood duty last night, so I'm going on basically no sleep (and I've had to cut my caffeine intake way down because I am officially sans IUD! :-)), but is that going to keep me from spending the day putting up the Christmas tree and cleaning up the house? No friggin way. If I'm going to waste my time being tired, it's going to be at work, not at home, lol.

We are slowly readying ourselves for the impending chaos of moving first to Rhode Island for three months, then on to the base in the south. I don't know how we will ever be ready in time, it just seems like too much too fast. But at the same time I know we will be because MacGyver and I always pull it off in the end.

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