Monday, December 14, 2009


The other day when I went to get the IUD out, I also had a routine check-up/pap - always a joy, right ladies? Once I was all settled in the stirrups, scooted down to ready-to-fall-off-the-table position, the doc started to talk me through a proceedure I've been through at least annually since I was 18. She said "first we're going to just have a look and make sure verything's kosher."
To which I could not resist responding, "Oh, I'm not jewish."
The doc blinked at me for a moment, then smiled. "That was such a mom joke. You are definitely ready to have a baby."
I'm on a bus in Norfolk right now, on my way to the ship we'll be sleeping on tonight. The last time I was on a Naval bessel was '02, which makes me feel old and a little nostalgic - as does listening to all the 22 year old girls here talk about whether or not it's a good idea to have kids now or to wait until after they get out. Their general concensus seems to be to wait until they get out and start having kids when they're around, ahem, 28. Lol. So I guess we're basically on the same page.
I can't believe the holidays start this weekend. I have so much still to do! I have to go shopping! But when . . ? i am so looking forward to seeing my parents and brother, though. To spending some real quality time with MacGyver and Punky. Ready to lay around on my mom's couch and do nothing but watch old episodes of "Friends." and then come back to the insanity of the impending move . . . Ha. Ah, life. One adventure after another. I'm ready for my break now please. :-]

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