Friday, July 15, 2011

Drain Chimp

A night like any other: MacGyver and I are working together in the kitchen. Tonight, Macagyver's making broccoli manicotti with humane local sausage while I clean the kitchen and feed Flintstone.
Then we hear it. The same sound we hear most nights: A sort of squaking croak coming from somewhere near the sink. We're pretty sure it's a frog, but it sounds exactly like a monkey. Even though we've checked under the sink and inside the drains, we can't find the source of the sound. It really sounds like it's coming from the drain. Hence: The Drain Chimp.
My only concern is that it's a poor little frog trapped somewhere in the pipes.
But finally, after a few weeks of almost nightly serenades by the Drain Chimp, MacGyver finds him: a cute little green tree frog tucked away and hiding way in the corner of the window over the sink. He isn't trapped, because the external screen is open. Guess we'll have to stop calling him the Drain Chimp.

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