Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wide Open Post

      Is there something that you really want to know about me that I've just never mentioned hear on this blog?  Or something I've mentioned or alluded to that left you curious?

       Have I said something or is there something I do on the blog that just drives you freaking nuts?

       Is there something you'd really like to see or know more about?

       Do you want to know more about Ethical Eating?

       Do you think I'm just completely full of it when I talk about the way my family eats or lives?

       Well, this is your chance to ask me anything.  Tell me anything.  Comment, critisize, inquire, request.  Hell, you want to see a picture of the super ugly phase I went through when I was younger?  Just ask. 


       I want to know what you all think of the blog.  I want to know what you are curious about.  It can be personal.  It can be factual.  It can NOT be a request for legal advice.

       So I'm asking you to ask away.  Or even kvetch away, if there's just something that annoys you.  I can take it (though I may wonder WHY you read my blog if I annoy you . . .).

       I'm not even just asking you to ask.  I'm begging.  Pleading.


      Because, let's face it. 

      That's really more my style.

      Give me something, anything, to work with.  You want to see the boudoir shots from around the time we got married?  Ask away.  There's no chance in hell, but you can ask if you want ;-)

       I want feedback.  I want substance.  I want, damnit.

      And it will benefit you to give me what I want.

     Because, otherwise, you're going to get more posts about children vomiting on the carpet and 638 pictures of the various water parks we visit this summer.

      Also, have you ever clicked on the "Linked Within" widget at the bottom of my posts?  Just curious.

      And if you participate in VLOG post link ups, I may have an upcoming VLOG or two, so let me know . . .
      How's that for a random non-post?

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