Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fck - Pt 1

Yesterday was a complete azfck of a day. Got up at 0400 to make it to the Armory by 0500 (and barely made it b/c Flintstone decided to get up at 0400, too). Got my M16 and drove over to the range to enure the hour long does-anyone-know-what-the-hell-is-going-on gaggle. Slated for first relay b/c I'm a dual shooter (rifle in the am, pistol in the pm), I ended up getting bumped to third relay b/c everyone firing w/ an RCO (scope) got slid ahead of iron sights (me).
Got started firing and put two rounds dead in the black, but the position I use in the sitting is unusual and it made the range coaches nuts. They messed and messed and messed w/ it, trying to put me into physically impossible positions - and effing up my shots.
The coaches decided I was "too small" for the M16 (even though I've fired it many times in the past w/ no problems). They sent me to get an M4, meaning I had to start shooting all over again in the afternoon - after sitting there for hours waiting for everyone else to finish. All of this in a 112 or so heat index. Oh, and you have to wear your sleeves down on the range. I was soaked through from the start.
I got a few relays into my M4 relay when I got some txts from MacGyver. He was having and anaphalactic reaction to something and was at the hospital. I was rushed off the range and gunned it to the hospital. About 3 minutes before I got to the gate, I realized I still had the M4 in the back. Fck! Rushed back to the Armory,
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