Thursday, July 7, 2011


      So, remember when we went to GA and it was super awesome and there was so much super exciting EVERYTHING to be super excited about?!?!  (If you can't tell, that sentence is meant to be read as if delivered by an excited 5 year old at an amusement park.  On speed.)

      Remember how I tried (and failed) to capture all the awesomeness and tell you about all the amazing groups and activities we discovered there?

      Well, there was one thing that I held back purposefully because it definitely rates it's own post.

       MacGyver and I are planning to start a brand new scout troop!  We're going to start a Navigators Troop!

      Punky has been in Girl Scouts for a couple years now, in a couple states.  And there are plentiful Boy Scout Troops available here, too.  So why would we start an entirely new and seperate scouting orgnaization in the area?  Well, there are a few reasons.  First, because Navigators is super awesome (more on that below).  Second is that - even though I know this is not true of ALL Girl Scout troops - the GS Troops Punky has been involved in have basically been about pointless crafts (glueing glitter to rocks, anyone?) and social snack times - and selling cookies! - more than anything else.  Third is that MacGyver and I strongly disapprove of the Boy Scouts' prejudice and exclusionary practices.  (As a note, the Girl Scouts do not tout the Boy Scouts' backward, pompous rules).

      So we're starting a Navigators Troop!  Navigators are NOT a religiously affiliated organization.  That said, the values of the organization are very UU.

I mean, for starters, let's check out the Navigator Moral Compass:

As a Navigator I promise to do my best
To help create a world free of prejudice and ignorance.
To treat people of every race, creed, lifestyle and ability
With dignity and respect.
To strengthen my body and
Improve my mind to reach my full potential.
To protect our planet and preserve our freedom.

Oh. My. Gosh.  Does it GET better than that?  I want to be a Navigator!

And there's more:

Cardinal Points
A Navigator is:
and Cooperative

Navigator Motto
Stay On Course
Navigator Slogan
The More You Give
The More You Get

And the very last selling point; the final lynch pin that cemented this as something we NEED to do?

Official Game of the Navigators:
Zombie Tag

Yes, Zombie Tag.  It involves pretend brain eating (but only pretend - the rules explicitly state that if you eat anyone's brains for real, the game is over).

      I don't really have a whole lot of extra time to become a Scout leader, but this just feels so worth it.  And it's co-ed, so we won't ever have to worry about dividing the kids between troops (other than by age).  It's going to be hard because of the time factor.  But if we can pull it off, it will be amazing.  I would give up Roller Derby to make this work.  (Of course, I will be back to Derby the MOMENT I have time to devote to it, so don't go thinking that was some blanket statement or anything, but yes.)

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