Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fck - Pt 2

(Stupid phone shortening my damn posts)
I rushed to the Armory, turned in the M4, and finally made it to the hospital 1/2 hour after I got MacGyver's text. The information person told me I couldn't see him. "They're still working on him," he told me.How awful does that sound?
So Punky and I waited. She did pretty well - I'm sure that's mostly because she had no idea what was going on. I reassured her that Daddy would be fine. I was very, very calm. That's what happens when all hell breaks loose in my life. I get calm. RaTional and detatched. It's a good skill. Of course, minor dramas make me crazy, and I deal with a heck of a lot more of those ;-). And stress makes me tired. It's weird.
When I finally got to see him, I didn't like what I saw. Tubes, pale, still swollen. Terrible. Thankfully, he looked much better w/in a couple hours. That night, while he was telling me what happened, dtails abt breaking out and his tongue swelling, I almost fell asleep listening to him. Stress makes me tired.
So it was a crap day, but everything is ok. Except we don't know what it is that MacGyver's allergic to.
And I'm back on the range. All week. Don't expect any blog comments from me, but I'll be missing you all.
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