Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blowing Away the Past

MacGyver and I have too much crap. You see, we never really got rid of anything when we merged our households (years ago). We keep meaning to. We talk about it A LOT. Before every one of our many moves, lol. We have two microwaves, two toasters, at least 5 TVs, two futons, and just boxes and boxes of duplicate crud and old stuff from long before we were together. All of it is destined for charity someday soon (please, please SOON).

But we're both packrats and hold on to worthless stuff until we don't even know we have it anymore. Like this statue:
From Cheap Wine and Cookies

I found this with a bunch of really, really random yard stuff in a very old box of MacGyver's. I am not a fan of angel or cherib stuff and was filled with an instant desire to trash the thing. A desire MacGyver more than shared when I showed it to him. Apparently, this is a statue from his first wedding about a decade ago.

You see, MacGyver really, really does not like being reminded of that wedding. The reason he hates such reminiscences is because just a matter of weeks after that nice, long, super-Catholic ceremony to his high school girlfriend, she started sleeping with other guys. While he was in boot camp. I could go into detail about how unbelievably wrong it all was on all sorts of different levels, but I really don't think it's necessary, and I have no desire to start conflict. The action speaks for itself.

Years later, when they tried to make it work again, I'm told she was so insanely jealous of his relationship with Punky that it threw her into fits of rage.

I refrain from passing judgement on things I wasn't there to witness outside of the fact that my husband and daughter were hurt by these situations. I will only go so far as to say I don't like the statute because it is from MacGyver's wedding to someone else. How could I not hate it? And it is soooo ugly, ha.
So we got rid of it. And, man, was it fun!

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

Shot #1:

That first round did some nice damage, but the bullet basically passed right through the statue's ear, so I switched to something with a little more oomph for Shot #2:

BAM! As Bon Jovi would say, "Good-bye to Yesterday!" Hysterical childish giggles.

(Colleen composes herself and becomes serious, really - I swear)

I'm sorry if this offends anyone. It's not meant to, but I couldn't resist. I just find it too effing hysterical. Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe it's a bad sign that I amuse myself so much. But I enjoy it, and no one got hurt, so weeee, fun with guns. lol.

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

You don't have to tell me I'm sick . . . :-P

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