Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spoiled B*&^%

I got up this morning, well after 0600 (glorious!), to hit the snooze for the first of my two allotted times.  In the time it took me to stumble across the room, engage the snooze, and stumble back, this BRAT (Sirius, the black one) had cuddled up in MY spot.

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

 Quite cozy, curled up with my husband. Now, it’s not at all unusual for the dogs to find their way into my spot in the bed when I get up. But this morning, when I shuffled back over to the bed and tried to dislodge her, she was NOT moving. Usually, “down” will do it. Maybe a little tap on the rear. Not this morning.  She was not moving.  I tried nudging her.  Nothing.  I tried pushing her, she just dug ine and held her position.  I tried outright shoving her down the bed, and she would. not. move.  I had to pick her up (no small feat as I was groggy and she was doing everything in her squirmy power to keep from being moved), and toss her to the food of the bed.  What a friggin b*&^%!  She is much, much too in love with MacGyver and clearly does not understand how the mating heirarchy works in our house.  Lol.

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