Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I Don't Have

From Cheap Wine and Cookies
I have SOOOO much to do.  So much.  I have a dozen important phone calls to make.  Tons of pressing information to gather and process.  We have to move twice in the next three months, the first move being in just a couple weeks!  We have to rent out our house.  And pack.  And clean.  And find places to live in both of the two states we're going to.  And I have student loan crap that needs my attention.  And there is that other thing.  and a million other tiny things that are constantly popping into my head.  I have so much to do!  But:  I. Don't. Want. To.  I want to play on the internet and look up stupid posters and just generally screw off, you see.  Because the last 6 months, I've had this:

From Cheap Wine and Cookies
But that pressure is pretty much gone now, and after the glorious freedom of the holiday break, my motivation has slipped away to nothing.  I have 100,000 things on my mind.  Important things that need my attention.  One particularly distracting thing . . .  But does any of that motivate me to call TMO?
But, alas, I will have to do it anyway.  As they tell us ad nauseum here at TBS, False Motivation is still Motivation.  So I'm off.  But boy do I have  a fun post planned as a reward for myself once I actually accomplish some stuff!

From Cheap Wine and Cookies

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