Sunday, January 10, 2010


Our world has just been one big swirl of big events and big news lately!  There's the stuff you all already know, the upcoming moves and whatnot, and there are a couple other things, too!  I got one very exciting huge revelation yesterday.  At first, I was going to keep it a secret until it was all said and done and we were sure, but 1) I don't want to, and 2.) this whole worrying about jinxing things thing is really getting on my nerves when we have soooo much good news.  So here it is, my big revelation - hopefully not jumping the gun on it.  And it's not what you think!

BioB*&^%) is going to consent to the Adoption!!!

We are SOOOO excited.  She MacGyver yesterday while I was at work.  She wants it done, and she wants it done as fast as possible. 
WooHoo!  I was down in Java's room, chatting with her, when MavGyver called.  He asked to talk to Java.  You'd think this would surprise me, but it didn't at all.  I figured he had some sort of surprise brewing.  He always does.

I watched her face as she talked to him, and she got shocked, and then super excited.  I was asking and gesturing.  I wanted to be in on it, dangit!  She asked him if he wanted to tell me or if she could.

When she told me, I swear I though either I misunderstood her or she was kidding.  We've been fighting BioB on this for a year, I think more than a year!  She completely disappeared from Punky's life for huge stretches of time, only to reappear long enough to interfere with the adoption, and now, out of the blue, she's consenting! 

Ooop!  Gotta Go.  More details to come!

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