Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting Back to Science

These long months at TBS (just two more days - THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!), have taken many things from me - time, health, sleep, sanity - but one thing I've been bemoaning a lot lately is reading.  I've finally gotten the opportunity to get back into reading lately - something that you can expect a whole long passionate post about soon.  But this post is about one particular thing I've encountered in my recent joyous bouts of reading for pleasure lately (and reading about science as opposed to tactics - WooHoo!):

Stem Cell Research

I came out hard and strong against the stem cell research ban the Bush administration put into effect oh, so many years ago.  I could easily rail on and on about my anger at all the amazing healing and discovery potential being lost and wasted.  But I'm not going to because, while I still mourn those long years of loss and all the good that could've been done, I have been absolutely thrilled to see just how much progress as been made since President Obama was elected and overturned that ridiculous ban!

A few days ago I was reading about a little girl who was born paralized on one side of her body due to a stroke she suffered in utero, but, thanks to stem cells, they were able to repair the damage, and the only lasting effect this beautiful little girl has at 3 years old is some difficulty with the use of one hand!  How amazing is that?  How heartwarming and uplifting?  It gives me such hope for the future.  I would love to cite this article, but I can't remember where I read it - which actually makes me happy since I've been able to read so much lately that I can't remember which source that story was from (though I can assure you it was a reasonably reliable one, :-).

I hadn't been planning on writing a blog about my joy in the stem cell frontier, but then I read yet another article, one MacGyver brought to my attention since I had been yammering about stem cells a few days ago, and I could no longer hold back.  I don't care that Obama doesn't need any more praise, he deserves it, and I don't feel as though he's yet gotten enough for me.  Considering how many decisions this administration has put into play that I have fought so fervently for in the past, I think the time has come for a little gushing on my part.  So here it is:

Do you have any idea how many amazing advances have been made using stem cells?  Discoveries and cures are just tumbling out of the shoot, one after another, falling over each other.  These aren't drugs that might have dangerous side effects, and while thier use may involve surgery and in most cases is not near perfected, they are offering healing in places only previously fantasized about.  The implications are unbelievable.  Paralysis, cancer, AIDs, strokes, even growing new organs - and that's all just the beginning.

So hooray for being able to read for pleasure again.  Hooray for getting back to science.  And HOORAY FOR STEM CELLS.  May they bring healing, health and joy to millions.

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