Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Of Course

So much going on. What a surprise coming from me, right? Lol. I still haven't packed a single friggin thing (did I mention we're moving in ONE WEEK?!?!). I've been unsuccessfully trying to deal with a dozen other very important behind-the-scenes things. Everything is moving along, but at a snail's pace (well, except the move, that's just flying up on us).

I was just informed by my lawyer (or I should say, by his paralegal or someone) that because we are PCSing, we will have to move the adoption case and someone else will have to handle it.  For eff's sake.  We've been fighting to get her to consent to this for well over a freaking year, and not only does she finally agree to consent, but wants it all done ASAP, and of course there has to be stupid friggin complications to that.

But I am just going to maintain faith that it will all work in the end and push forward like I have through everything else (ha, it's too bad I didn't have this blog a few years ago- some really insane stuff happened to me then!).  And as far as telling Kenzie goes (referring to the comments on my previous post, Finally!!), I don't think we'll really be telling her.  She has thought of me as her "real" mommy for a long time.  Actually, the other day she referred to BioB as her stepmom, which made me crack up.  When she's older, she can know, but we're not going to completely force BioB out of her life or break communication off between them or anything, really nothing will change other than Punky never sleeping next to BioB's boyfriend ever, EVER again.

Tonight is Mess Night - a very ceremonial dinner, but it also should be a lot of fun.  It's an opportunity for everyone to make fun of each other for everything that's gone on here so far and, of course, to drink, though I am still abstaining for the most part.  Then, after almost everyone gets stupid-drunk and rowdy all night, they're going to wake us up super early for a Moto Run.  WooHoo.  Though I'm told that if everyone does their job and buys the Major lots of shots, the run won't be very far, ;-)  I'm not too worried about it since I will barely be drinking.

And I will be so happy for Java when this is over.  She is in charge of the night, and she has been stressed to the max for weeks setting this up and wrangling clueless Lt's.  I believe there will be much wine consumption to celebrate the end of her ordeal.

Anyway, there is so much more I could say - I wish I had time to document MacGyver's ordeal earlier today trying to buy nylons for three different women who couldn't go into the store to help him - but for now, I have to get ready.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on Finally!!

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