Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost Done
I haven't been posting this week, anniversary related or otherwise, because I have been unbelievably busy. Up at 0400 every morning to get out to the Range, firing for hours, rush home to shower and change (because it's been around 100 most days with 652% humidity), then back to work to conduct the longest Article 32 hearing ever. I've been at work well past 7pm the last two nights, and might be again tonight.
This morning, we're firing Table 2, which is supposed to simulate combat shooting, though it's admittedly slower paced and the target, while they move, do not shoot back. Speed drills and speed reload drills. I enjoy this part - except the insane wind from hurricane Irene! We were ALMOST evacuated a couple days ago, so glad that didn't happen, but the wind sucks for shooting.
But once it's done, this whole week is DONE - the Range, the 32, the 0400 mornings. Then on to Anniversary fun!
MacGyver's been awesome-surprises and stuff, too.

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