Tuesday, August 9, 2011


      I have refrained from saying this for a long time because I KNOW it will offend someone.  But I am not having the best morning in the world and I just found out that we lost one of our Marines because he slept with another Marine's wife - and we were already incredibly short staffed. 

     We all know that I detest adulterers. It's gross, dirty, narcissistic, and deceitful - and that's just the beginning.  And I will seriously never understand why anyone would ever enter into a relationship with someone they know is an adulterer.

     What I haven't said is this:

      If you are a servicemember and you sleep with the spouse of another servicemember, you are SCUM.  I could care less whether you know the other servicemember or not.  I don't care if you've never even laid eyes on them.  I don't care if the spouse is a giant wh*** (male or female).  I don't care if the spouse claims the marriage is over or they hate the other service member or the marriage was a mistake or any other freaking excuse.  You DON'T betray a fellow servicemember like that.  You. Just. DON'T.

      And the same goes for military spouses.  I have seen WAY too many spouses eff over excellent servicemembers by being self-centered, self-pitying wh****s.  Being a military spouse is hard.  A lot of the time, it downright sucks.  And you know what?  I don't give a damn.  That is NO excuse.  You don't like it, get out.  Don't go screwing other servicemembers.  It's sick, and it's inexcusable.  If it is that hard for you to refrain from having sex with other people, you are completely trashy and that's all there is to it.  You are also, you should know, a complete joke within the ranks.  The second any servicemember knows what you did, we know exactly what to think of you.

      If you're offended, so be it.  And if by some freak occurance you are that Marine that our shop just lost because you couldn't keep it in your pants or respect your fellow Marine enough to keep it away from that Marine's spouse, you're a jackass.  To say the least.

* * * End Rant. * * *

      And I'm a little sad.  I know I was off the map for a couple weeks and didn't really post anything, but I put up a post Sunday and haven't gotten a single comment on it.  Have I really finally driven everyone away?

      I promise today I'll put up a more cheerful post.  I just needed to get that vent out of the way so I could start my day off right.  ;-)

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