Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Have You Been?

      Just when you think things might calm down . . .  Ha.  Actually, things have calmed down, and that's part of the problem.  At least, it's a problem for this here blog.  I'm getting boatloads of stuff done at work and am much less frusterated than I have been for a while, so I'm all tied up in my real life and it's completely distracting me from my online meddlings.  ;-)

      But I do so miss you all!

      Our anniversary weekend was awesome.  We did some touristy stuff with Boo Satruday.  Flintstone had a blast playing in this fountain.
Up water, Up!

     Have I mentioned yet that Flintstone is walking?  I think I have, but it continues to amaze me.  During his 8th month he was able to take a few steps at a time, but he didn't really care to.  Then, on our Michigan trip when he was 10 1/2 months he walked accross the room one of the first days we were there, and he hasn't stopped walking since.  It is amazing and freaking adorable.  Especially when you say "I'm gonna get you!"  And he takes off running.

      The kid is into everything these days.  And he's climbing.  And he makes an angry face now when we tell him he can't have something.  It's the cutest angry face ever, and I have trouble not laughing when he does it.

      Anyway, we had a fun day out Saturday, then Saturday night, MacGyver and I went to an amazing wine tasting.  I can't even count how many different wines we tried.  The selection was huge.  And some of the cheese pairings were amazing.  We also got a big tappas plate that included the best bruchetta I think I've ever had.  I had the owner hide MacGyver's gift in among the tappas:
      MacGyver has wanted this ring for a long time.  It is so perfectly him.  He hasn't stopped playing with it since the moment he found it under the crackers.

      It was so nice to be out and just talk about random fun things.  For instance MacGyver's new fanasy of opening up an ethical winery/bakery and calling it Cheap Wine and Cookies.  How cute is that?

      We followed up our hours at the winery with an amazing Thai dinner.

      And I almost forgot to mention walking the Labrinth!  In the morning, we went to our UU church to walk the meditation labyrinth put together by the Pagans and the Buddhists in our congregation.  It was a beautiful and meditative experience.  Flintstone slept in my arms the whole time.  There's an adorable picture of it, but of course I can't find it right now!

      There was so much more that went on this weekend.  MacGyver and I played games, hiding little gifts for each other all over the house and whatnot.  I can't remember it all.  We'll just say it was a really good weekend.  And now, I'm back and work and on duty again (read: 33 hour shift AND I have court tomorrow).  Erg.  But things are great, and I really have nothing to complain about.  Hope you're all having a lovely week.

      Also, I just found out that today is Snarky Paralegal's birthday!  That little sneak.  She tried to get away with not telling anybody.  Well!  I'll show her.  ;-)

      Finally, I'll leave you with a couple of new videos I just recently found from our wedding day:

The whole day before our wedding it was bright, sunny, and downright PERFECT out.  Then, right as I was getting ready to walk out for the ceremony, it started to rain.  Hard:

That comment from Boo at the end is "The beer's ok, right?!?"

This isn't exactly what I had pictured as my grand entrance as the bride at my wedding, nor is it what we had rehearsed the day before:

Two of my mom's best friends are teachers.  It is one of them who made me spit out my gum at the end of this one.  :-D

Happy Wednesday All!

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