Tuesday, August 23, 2011


      Today, MacGyver and I have been married for three years.  Last year, I pondered the reasons why it feels like we've been married so much longer than that, and yet feels like we just got married yesterday.  That feeling still holds true.

      I will probably do a big, mushy, or at least thoughtful, anniversary post at some point this week, but it won't be today.  I just got back from the range and I have to conduct an Article 32 hearing in a couple hours which is likely to go late.  We're not really doing much for the anniversary today.

      Or, at least, that was my understanding.  Of course, MacGvyer simply can't resist an opportunity for romantic surprises

      This morning, I dragged my poor, tired body out of bed at 0400 again, got ready, and was out the door, headed to the Armory to pick up my weapon by 0450.  Picked up my M16, then drove over to the range to stand around in the dark waiting for range personnel to figure out what they were doing.

      I was standing by my car, putting on my cartridge belt when a vehicle drove up behind me.

      "Surprise," someone said quietly.

      At first, I didn't even realize the person was talking to me.  Then it sort of dawned on my just how close the voice was, and the fact that this truck had not parked, but was stopped right behind me.  I turned around to find MacGyver grinning at me, which a bag of dark chocolate pecan cookies and a card.

      Seriously, he is the sweetest husband ever.

      So now, I'm gathering up everything for the 32 and heading home to change.  MacGvyer is at a PTO meeting that started really late, so I won't be able to see him.

      So he says . . .

       That's the thing being married to a master romance trickster, on days like today, you're always off gaurd.  Either I'll go home and change and not get to see him until late tonight, or I'll be walking into some big surprise.

      We'll see . . .

       I have to decide whether to give him his gift (which I'm really excited about) today or this weekend when we go out . . .

      Lastly, and this is important:
If you are the person who has been typing weird "ex" related search terms into the search box on the right, PLEASE let me know who you are.  Search terms like "ex," "ex boyfriend," "evil ex," and so on.  I find these searches really, really disturbing and if you know much about my past you'll know that I am serious in being nervous about my ex.  So please put my mind at ease and let me know if you're the person searching those terms.

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